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How does WCR support Uganda’s campaign to increase coffee production?


The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) recently announced this country has set development goals for the upcoming period. The industry has high expectations with output growth of up to 20 million bags of coffee by 2030. Many initiatives have been proposed and implemented with the support of relevant ministries and departments to promote the increase in Uganda’s coffee production. Notably, the nursery and seed development plan of the World Coffee Research (WCR) organization stands out. Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


WCR develops nurseries that promote an increase in Uganda’s coffee production


Uganda is a major producer and exporter of Robusta coffee in the world. The industry faces significant challenges in achieving the ambitious goal of quadrupling production to 20 million bags by 2030. Key challenges include difficulties in mass propagation, raw materials, growing equipment, seedling distribution, and the expertise of farmers.

Therefore, WCR has cooperated with UCDA, implementing a project to develop nurseries and seeds in coffee-growing areas of Uganda. The plan focuses on efforts to strengthen local nurseries to provide improved C. Arabica and C. Robusta varieties. The varieties include 10 clones resistant to coffee wilt disease (CWD), commercially released under NARO Kituza Robusta (KR) 1-10. New seed lots are evaluated and qualified, and seedlings are distributed from certified nurseries through UGACOF/Sucafina.

In addition, the project also has various activities such as publishing local training materials, open access, training extension officers, and nursery operators. New tools, training, and breeding techniques are provided to optimize seedling production and build Robusta coffee nurseries. WCR has also conducted knowledge training on how to breed healthy, disease-resistant seedlings for Ugandan coffee-growing communities to improve production and productivity.

tăng sản lượng cà phê của Uganda

WCR has cooperated with UCDA to implement a nursery and seed development project in Uganda


Promising prospects of the plan to support Uganda in increasing coffee production


Robert Adomati – officer of the UGACOF nursery said that providing quality planting materials to farmers through the collaborative project with WCR will have a significant impact on increasing productivity and improving farmers’ income. According to the project plan, 100,000 healthy KR seedlings will be provided to farmers. Meanwhile, in coordination with UGACOF and WCR member companies globally, nearly 50,000 KR plants were provided to farmers in the Greater Masaka region. The remaining 50,000 trees will be rapidly available by 2024. The establishment of profitable and self-sustaining nurseries managed by coffee farmers is also well underway. To ensure adherence to local regulations, the project will also help coffee farmers in certain regions obtain UCDA certification.

tăng sản lượng cà phê của Uganda

Coffee farmers in Uganda will receive support to obtain UCDA certification

Additionally, WCR, UCDA, and NaCORI (Uganda National Coffee Research Institute) are actively optimizing the ability to breed and grow Ugandan Robusta coffee varieties. Educational resources and training sessions will be conducted as planned to enhance skills and knowledge in establishing and managing coffee nurseries. Farmers who master professional techniques in cultivation and operation can improve quality, thereby increasing productivity and product value.

With collaborative efforts and the results achieved, the organizations believe that the nursery and seed development project will bring achievements beyond expectations. When varieties, equipment, and growing knowledge are spread to growing areas, farmers’ production capabilities will increase, promoting outstanding growth in Ugandan coffee output and quality. Not only that, this can also ensure sustainable development for the coffee industry and the livelihoods of millions of coffee farmers in Uganda.

tăng sản lượng cà phê của Uganda

The nursery and seed development project will create new steps for the Ugandan coffee industry

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