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How to keep the freshness of green coffee beans effectively?


If it loses its freshness, a batch of delicious, high-quality coffee will become bland or smell of hay, burnt bread. Because at that time, aromatic compounds, water, and organic matter in coffee beans are lost and changed, leading to a decrease in flavor quality. How to control the freshness of green coffee beans? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The freshness of green coffee beans is easily changed by the environment


According to research results, green coffee usually keeps its freshness for about 6-12 months. However, during that time, they can still lose their freshness if exposed to harsh conditions. When exposed to oxygen, water, too high temperature for a long time, the compounds, Co2 gas present in the seeds will be lost, affecting the quality. According to the International Coffee Organization, the ideal humidity for green coffee is between 8% and 12.5%. If the humidity is outside this range, the coffee can become damp, moldy, and lose flavor, making it difficult to drink. In addition, the freshness time of green coffee also depends on a number of other factors such as cultivar, growing area conditions, harvest date, processing method, grain density, … Therefore, if you want to keep the freshness To keep coffee fresh for a long time, in addition to ensuring dry and cool conditions, we also need to understand the condition of each type to design appropriate preservation methods.

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The freshness of green coffee beans after roasting disappears in just one week


Many people believe that roasting should be done to keep coffee fresh and preserve it longer. However, after roasting, green coffee is more susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature, light, humidity and oxygen. The roasting process is basically using high heat to transform the coffee beans, creating a lot of chemical reactions. These reactions then produce irreversible changes in the cellular structure of the coffee beans that help develop flavor and aroma. Roasting makes the coffee more crispy and aromatic, but the structures in the beans become less stable, more easily broken when still green coffee. Normally green coffee can stay fresh for six months to a year after harvest, but roasted coffee will only stay fresh for a few weeks. Especially when exposed to air and moisture for a significant period of time, coffee will lose its characteristic flavor and aroma more quickly and taste stale and pale like bread.

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How to control the freshness of green coffee beans effectively?


The most important thing in the preservation process is probably the classification and selection of coffee. Only when the input is stable and uniform can the stages of controlling the freshness of green coffee beans be highly effective. Therefore, before putting it into the warehouse, we all have to check and separate green coffee beans from broken beans, pests, black contamination or signs of mold, contamination. This careful grading not only helps the coffee last longer, but also improves consistency throughout the roasting process and in the final product. Next, green coffee beans need to be stored in optimal environmental conditions. The conditions in the storage room must ensure humidity between 60% and 65%, with a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F) to maintain the moisture content of the green coffee. from 8% to 12.5%.

độ tươi của cà phê nhân xanh

In addition, green coffee beans need to be placed in specially designed containers such as IMF silos. This type of barrel helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee by preventing the beans from being exposed to moisture and oxygen. As a result, green coffee beans will be protected from excessive moisture and maintain its inherent sensory qualities for a long time. In addition, you can also use Grainpro packaging, multi-layer plastic and then store it in a high area, minimizing the exposure of coffee to heat, humidity or toxic chemicals.

độ tươi của cà phê nhân xanh

Keeping green coffee fresh is not an easy task, but requires a meticulous process from selecting beans, choosing packaging, and containers to controlling ambient conditions. Especially, so that the coffee flavor is always uniform and delicious to the last bean requires a lot of effort and effort in all stages of production, preservation and preparation. At XLIII Coffee – A specialty coffee supplier developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, coffee is always strictly controlled from supply to packaging and delivery to customers. We always use Grainpro packaging for green coffee batches, controlling the environment around the optimal storage area according to standards to keep the freshest, best-quality coffee. If you want to experience quality specialty coffee, choose XLIII coffee!

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