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Don’t drink coffee like this if you don’t want to age quickly


Coffee can bring many benefits to people if used correctly. On the contrary, there are times when coffee drinkers inadvertently accelerate their aging process. So don’t drink coffee like this if you don’t want to age quickly!


Mistakes when drinking coffee that make people age faster


Most people view coffee simply as a casual beverage to be consumed whenever they please. This can lead to some repercussions for the users themselves, and rapid aging is one of them. Let’s explore some ways of drinking coffee that can accelerate the aging process with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

Don't drink coffee like this if you don't want to age quickly

Drinking coffee instead of breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, providing energy for the brain and body. However, many people often overlook this necessary meal and opt for just a cup of coffee to stay alert. This can have negative impacts on health.

Skipping breakfast and consuming more caffeine will accelerate the aging process. If you don’t have much time, you can have a simple breakfast with fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts to supplement fiber and essential antioxidants.

Adding too much sugar and sweeteners

Many people often mitigate the bitterness of coffee by adding sugar, milk. If it’s just a little sugar, it won’t have much impact, but people tend to exceed the safe amount. Especially for the elderly – individuals prone to blood sugar issues.

Moreover, sugar can break down collagen in the skin, causing loss of elasticity and accelerating the aging process.

Using coffee instead of water

Coffee and water are both liquid forms that can quench thirst, but they cannot replace each other. Using coffee instead of water leads to dehydration, affecting overall health.

According to expert Moskovitz, forgetting to drink water and consuming too much coffee instead of water can have negative effects on the skin, digestive system, energy levels, nutrient absorption process, and even bone joints.

Don't drink coffee like this if you don't want to age quickly

Drinking coffee too late

When drinking coffee too late, close to bedtime, caffeine – a stimulant found in coffee, will affect the quality of sleep, even causing insomnia. Poor sleep quality has extremely detrimental effects on the recovery process, immune system, mood, energy, metabolism, and many other health issues.

A study published in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine journal by the University of California, Los Angeles, pointed out that a night of poor sleep can accelerate the aging process of cells in the body, thereby accelerating the development of age-related diseases.


Healthy coffee drinking habits


Coffee can bring many health benefits to people if used correctly. Not just an important beverage in the mental life of Vietnamese people, coffee holds many values and goes beyond spreading aroma to life.

With just a few tips, our senses and organs are satisfied. Refer to the tips for drinking coffee in the article: “How to Drink Coffee for Good Health According to Experts.”

Don't drink coffee like this if you don't want to age quickly

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has just provided readers with 4 coffee-drinking habits that accelerate aging. Hopefully, this useful information will help readers adopt coffee-drinking methods that are good for health while still enjoying their preferences!

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