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Finca Soledad




First-time cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Direct Trade




Finca Soledad belongs to Pepe Jijon – an inspiring producer. He was born in Brazil in 1974 and is a psychologist by trade. After working as a Mountain guide, Pepe took a mission to explore the planet entirely. He visited over 100 countries. Pepe was the first Latin American to climb all seven summits – the highest summit on each continent solely. 

His passion for coffee culture propelled him to gain several vital certifications in search of excellent coffee gifted by the land of Imbabura. One of his principal motivations for working in coffee production has been the possibility of contributing to economic and environmental sustainability around his region and the world and the ability to enjoy the flowering of the coffee plant. For Pepe, the ability to support the development of Ecuador are primary motivation to continue his work. As a coffee grower, Pepe believes that technical support and economic justice are essential to progress and achieve sustainable development.


Finca Soledad is a farm purchased in 2010 by Pepe and his father. They decided to buy this land to develop coffee. They quickly found a larger purpose – creating more value for the Ecuadorian coffee supply chain and specialty coffee here in particular. They also hire locals in the region to protect them from the mining industry’s damage. 

Finca Soledad stands at 1,515 meters above sea level, on a terrace rising above the Intag Valley, in the Imbabura province, in Ecuador. This farm is relatively close to the Colombian border and the department of Nariño. The farm is located 50 km northwest of Quito on the Andean slopes. It is surrounded by high mountains, endemic trees in biodynamic balance, the strong river Intag, and the terroir completely express what nature has to give in. The partial shade helps keep plants excellent during the dry season and allows airflow during the wet season. 

They listen carefully to the silent language intrinsic to the local ecosystem to develop profiles that enhance vibrant and delicate cup notes. Finca Soledad produces only Sidra, Gesha, and Mejorado on a 4-hectare land within 120 hectares of the cloud forest. 



Jose Ignacio Jijón, or Pepe, has been farming for more than a decade. His adventurous personality and experimental processing intuition set him apart from other farmers. Through faith and continuous learning, Pepe always improves, adapts, and tries to contribute the most to the mass coffee industry.

Soledad is also a community-oriented project where Pepe and his family support and employ single mothers. Pepe mainly hires women in the region and provides a stable income, paying them weekly and working to support their families.