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Coffee Character Wheel – Understand coffee through sensory aspects beyond taste


Flavor is a factor that people always care about when enjoying and studying coffee. Its richness is shown through a series of in-depth reports or coffee flavor wheel from SCA with detailed subgroups that overwhelm the taste buds. However, the charm of a cup of coffee also includes elements of configuration and other sensory and tasting characteristics. However because there is very little in-depth literature, these factors are not widely known and their details are not understood. Coffee Character Wheel was researched and developed by Australian scientists to better describe the acidity, mouth feel, aftertaste, and cupping overview of coffee. The circle includes abbreviated terms arranged in subclasses from general to specific. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to learn about this new research!


What is the Coffee Character Wheel?


Coffee Character Wheel is the result of research funded by the Australian government’s agricultural agency – AgriFutures. The tool provides a concise list of terms for coffee drinkers to evaluate acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and overall mouthfeel. In particular, experts analyzed and shortened 679 specialized terms about the sensory characteristics of coffee into a summary with 95 terms. These terms are arranged in a system based on the specific correlation of each sensory aspect. Groups and categories are divided and easy to understand so that coffee drinkers can evaluate acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and overall senses more easily and objectively.

Vòng tròn đặc tính cà phê


Coffee Character Wheel’s descriptive groups


The Coffee Character Wheel emphasizes the variety of senses in tasting a cup of coffee rather than taste like the flavor wheel. The main settings are 4 large groups including acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and overall. Each group has sections, describing common senses when enjoying and small sections to support the identification of specific characteristics.
The groups represent a circular section, dividing the correlated items into equal levels. Such an arrangement system allows users to use search and compare comments more easily.

Vòng tròn đặc tính cà phê


How to read Coffee Character Wheel


If you have ever used a flavor wheel, you will be familiar with the reading of the Coffee Character Wheel. Because the layout and reading comprehension are quite similar. Coffee Character Wheel also includes large central subgroups and a system of small categories in arc order from inside to outside. Therefore, when starting, direct your gaze from the center. This is where the major subgroups of acidity, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and overall come together. Choose an attribute that interests you, slowly enjoy your cup of coffee, and carefully compare your impressions with the sub-categories. The indicative list will help you better understand the ingredients and characteristics of a cup of coffee. However, you need to have a little understanding of these terms and your own feelings.

In addition, you can combine and use the Coffee Character Wheel in parallel with the SCA coffee-tasting machine and flavor wheel. This combination can assist coffee researchers and professionals in conveying the entire sensory experience of coffee under current industry standard evaluation procedures. Further research into coffee sensory descriptors will allow alignment of the flavor and character wheel to minimize interactions between modalities.

Vòng tròn đặc tính cà phê

There will be times when you have difficulty confirming your perceived personality with the notes in the Coffee Character Wheel. Don’t worry, because this is common. You can and should choose pure, unmixed coffee beans (single origin coffee) for training. Adjust the grind level, ratio, recipe yourself and feel the difference in body, acid intensity, and aftertaste. If you need pure specialty coffees, choose specialty coffee beans at XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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