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Finca Soledad – Coffee farm for the green planet


In Ecuador’s Intag Valley, Finca Soledad looms as a beautiful cloud coffee farm. That beautiful farm is where coffee was born because of Pepe Jose Jijon’s love and mission of nature conservation. A 120-hectare farm of which only about 4 hectares grow coffee, Finca Soledad is arguably one of the areas with diverse ecosystems and the world’s most beloved coffee flavors. Why is that? Let’s explore this magical farm with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

Overview of Finca Soledad


Pepe Jose Jijon


Finca Soledad


Intag Valley, Imbabura Province




120 ha


Mejorado, Sidra, Gesha, Castillo


March 5 – March 9

Finca La Soledad


Finca Soledad is rooted in the call of nature


The story of Finca Soledad begins with Pepe Jose Jijon’s particularly intense connection with nature. Before building the farm, Pepe was a professional psychologist and mountaineer with a passion for discovering everything about the earth. He visited more than 100 countries and successfully conquered the seven highest peaks of the continental fragments he visited. After the trips, Pepe’s desire to integrate and understand nature became even more burning. It has made the explorer longing to find a land for his soul to live and contribute to the wonderful blue planet he is experiencing.

Finca La Soledad

And then, during a trip to Ecuador, Pepe was introduced and instilled in his love of the premium coffee of the land of Imbabura. The beauty and delicate harmony of the coffee tree and the landscape here conquered the nature-loving heart of the psychologist. He carefully listened to nature and discovered that this miraculous plant is intimately connected to the entire earth ecosystem. Specialty coffee not only has a delicious taste but also has the ability to contribute to the sustainability of the environment, the economy and the people who produce and supply them. Therefore, in 2010 Pepe chose to start a career devoted to the specialty coffee industry by acquiring Finca Soledad coffee farm in the beautiful country of Ecuador. 

Finca La Soledad


The ecosystem of Finca Soledad


Finca Soledad is one of the world’s most diverse ecosystem farms. The 120ha farm is located in primeval forest in the Intag Valley in Imbabora Province, northern Ecuador. This place has an altitude of over 1,515m, possessing special elements given by the roots. Moreover, this place is located right on the equator, with the Intag River flowing through, snow-capped volcanoes all summer, and lush rainforests. The climate is harmonious, white clouds like a smooth chiffon cloth wrapped around the farm. If you admire the panoramic view, you can see Finca as a farm in the clouds, so peaceful and poetic.

finca la soledad

Born out of passion for the blue planet, Finca Soledad is designed to ensure harmony and balance with nature. Therefore, the farm only uses about 4/120 hectares to grow Sidra, Gesha, Mejorado, Castillo coffee varieties. The remaining 110 hectares of Finca Soledad consist of forested ways with extremely diverse flora and fauna and vast sugarcane growing areas. The area of coffee cultivation is not large, because for Pepe, biodiversity from the growing environment will create brilliant and wonderful flavors. 

Finca La Soledad


Finca Soledad grows for the blue planet


Finca Soledad has pursued the direction of sustainable development in harmony with nature. After research, Pepe applied biodynamic methods to coffee production. This method uses all the elements that come from nature to produce coffee. Biodynamic makes Finca Soledad as a living organism and binds it to flora and fauna and energy fields from the seasons of the year, the moon, the sun, the earth. This made Pepe realize that preserving a natural ecosystem and a diverse ecosystem is extremely important. So Pepe and his colleagues have been working to revitalize forests devastated by mining. These hardworking people have planted more than 25,000 trees and preserved the biodiversity of the land where Imbabura coffee grows.

Finca La Soledad

In addition, when building the farm, the founder of Finca also realized that the mining industry caused damage to the people here. Therefore, Pepe recruited with his family, instructed local people to cultivate coffee to protect and bring stable income for them, especially single women.

Finca La Soledad

It can be seen that Finca Soledad is crystallized by love, humanity that has a deep meaning for an entire community. In this mineral-rich but perilous land, coffee trees mature in the exquisite beauty of the growing area and contain the hope of every farmer. A farm is special because it was born to listen, understand and accompany the roots of nature.

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