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Hoi An Specialty Coffee – modern and ancient

Hoi An ancient town is the perfect place to relax and feel the tranquil beauty. Can Hoi An Specialty coffee bring the breath of a new era to a small town that is full of nostalgia like Hoi An ancient town?

Hoi An Specialty CoffeeHoi An coffee culture


Hoi An coffee culture


Discover Hoi An


It has a canal like Venice that crosses the center of Vietnam’s port city and an ancient Japanese bridge that crosses a dark river. The French villas are located on the riverside road, welcoming the cool summer breeze into the open windows.

Hoi An is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to visit Vietnam. In addition to its colorful history, Hoi An is also known for its delicious food and distinctive cafes.


Phố cổ Hội An với dãy kiến trúc đầy tính hoài niệm

Hoi An Ancient Town


Hoi An coffee


Vietnam is one of the countries with the top coffee production in the world. In 2017, Vietnam produced 1,650,000 tons of coffee beans, second only to Brazil in absolute volume. Coffee is present everywhere in Vietnam. From large, busy cafes to small sidewalk cafes nestled in hidden corners. Outstanding coffee centers that never turn off the heat like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Hoi An is no exception.

Hoi An coffee culture is usually quiet and frugal in the morning, and lively in the evening. Hoi An has the intersection of different cultures but never loses its identity. Therefore, coffee in Hoi An has the beauty of delicate interference.


Traditional Coffee and Hoi An Specialty Coffee


Traditional Coffee and Hoi An Specialty Coffee – Feature swap


Most Western coffees are made from Arabica beans, which have an original and delicate flavor with a variety of varying notes. The difference with typical coffee in Vietnam is that it is mostly made from strongly roasted Robusta beans, when you enjoy it, you will feel the bitter taste. Traditional coffee is lightly mixed into a dripper cup/filter. This coffee filter or filter, is placed directly on the top of the cup and boiling water is on top of the coffee grounds. Then, it slowly drips into the cup until the water drains out and you have your own cup of coffee.

Coffee shops in Hoi An always serve this type of coffee. Specialty coffee culture is entering Hoi An strongly and slowly. People began to be interested in the concept of coffee extraction to create a cup of coffee from pure Arabica beans. No longer bitter and mildly acidic with pleasant acidity. Here, coffee has a special taste. They can be chocolate, vanilla, or sweet and sour tropical fruit. Hoi An coffee gradually put on the look of the era full of vitality but still delicate in its ancient beauty.

Hoi An Specialty CoffeeHoi An coffee


Hoi An coffee space is quiet and modern


Hoi An has always been Hoi An, a peaceful place to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, away from the hustle and bustle of hashish dust. Specialty coffee culture entered Hoi An with a calm and peaceful appearance.
Visitors to Hoi An often prefer to choose a seat on the balcony or a small yard under the colorful flower trellis, they watch every shadow of people walking on the streets of the Old Quarter.


Environmentally conscious passionate souls


Original coffee with a sense of sustainability seems to have made a big impact on this small city’s environmental consciousness. More and more “green” programs and activities are taking place. That awareness is also reflected in the water used at Specialty cafes that goes through the ecological sewer system. It is then filtered and channeled into the many lily ponds in the building, before flowing into the river system. There are high-quality coffee groups that work with social support groups, student books, and community clean-up support.

The hard work is reflected not only in social and ecological incentives but also in the effort to bring out the original taste of the coffee-growing region. Those nameless efforts have slowly made their mark on the heart of the nostalgic city so that the vitality of the era of receiving civilization flows ceaselessly.


Hoi An Specialty CoffeeModern Hoi An Coffee


An open-source of knowledge about Hoi An Specialty Coffee


Hoi An Specialty Coffee has a unique touch that embellishes the concept of pure coffee. The most special highlight here is probably the understanding that comes from the deep knowledge of each barista.
Now, the form of a coffee shop emphasizes more openness and sharing, when customers can closely observe the workspace of the demolition staff, observe how they pursue perfection with each cup of coffee. fragrant. If you’re curious about any step in the process, the staff is always happy to guide you as they go.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is the place to connect the love of coffee. Believing that love will touch people and culture in Hoi An in the most complete way. Hoi An Specialty coffee – a promising prospect is gradually opening up with souls passionate about pure flavor!

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