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Brand 43 Factory Coffee Roaster officially changed its name to XLIII Coffee.


With the name XLIII Coffee, we cherish our gratitude and countless ambitions for the journey to protect the original value of coffee beans.
The journey ahead, XLIII Coffee continues to hold the concept of originality and maintain consistency in the overall activities, core values and strategic direction.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster brand officially changed its name to XLIII Coffee

With the name XLIII Coffee, we cherish our gratitude and countless ambitions for the journey to protect the original value of coffee beans.

The journey ahead, XLIII Coffee continues to hold the concept of originality and maintain consistency in the overall activities, core values and strategic direction.

New brand official website:

Website continues to be maintained for the purpose of updating information about the coffee industry and the products we provide.

The transition will take a few years (2 years is expected). Therefore, publications and information of the 43 Factory Coffee Roaster brand will still be circulated and gradually converted.

Hope this does not affect your experience of exploring the world of coffee.






XLIII Coffee provides complete information and transparency to the maximum extent with the desire to play a part in building and shaping a better future for coffee producers.

We update details of costs and product prices at times such as Paid for Farmer/Producer, FOB price, DDP price, price per box of finished product and cup of coffee served in the store.

Hopefully with this small action, we can help consumers better understand how it works and the real value that farmers get from the cup of coffee they use.




XLIII Coffee selects the source of ingredients with maximum traceability, detailed to each product batch.

Traceability allows consumers to trace, authenticate and evaluate the accuracy of information provided. This helps to limit the situation of deception, asymmetry of information causing unnecessary misunderstandings and manipulating the mayor.

In addition, traceability is also a way to recognize the ethical and sustainable farming efforts of producers. Thereby improving the livelihoods of farmers, shaping a fair and sustainable industry.




We have a responsibility to the planet and our partners in every decision, every step of the way.

We strive to protect the original value from every angle and take responsibility for all our decisions from purchasing, roasting, supplying, promoting products.

Ensuring green responsibility for the environment, being honest with partners, customers and the entire industry system at every stage is an essential action for a transparent and sustainable industry.




Ethics is the top priority factor in sourcing raw materials, recruiting personnel, training, developing and providing products and services at XLIII Coffee.

We are committed to long-term standards, engaging the community, and building strong relationships with our supply partners on the basis of quality.

We accompany activities and solutions that maintain standards from the perspective of human rights and environmental protection.




As a growing business, XLIII Coffee understands that sustainability is a definite path to a strong industry.

We acknowledge that “sustainable” is a keyword that is being overused because of its meaning and great impact on the ecosystem.

The commitment to sustainable operation on all platforms is a long journey that requires a lot of efforts and consensus of many parties.

We are still in the process of transitioning towards sustainability, making maximum efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and community.

We strive to transform and scale by investing in people and building exemplary attitudes.






XLIII Coffee explores and fully exploits the factors of growing area, terroir soil, coffee varieties, preliminary processing methods and the impact of local factors on plant growth and coffee bean taste. get high.

We establish long-term and direct relationships with manufacturers with direct trade.

We appreciate the efforts of our partners in the process of creating quality products, paying the right amount of money required by suppliers, maintaining understanding and interacting to develop together.




Protecting the originality, XLIII Coffee uses Specialty Single Origin coffee beans, which are simply WASHED processed, without impregnation or strong fermentation to limit unnecessary effects on the inherent structure and flavor of the coffee. Pure coffee beans.

Product batches are numbered from the origin so that consumers can easily trace the origin and verify information, ensuring the transparency of the product supply system.

We are always looking for methods and procedures to preserve the integrity of the originality of the coffee beans.




XLIII Coffee puts all its heart into each stage of the processing and extraction process with a single goal: to fully describe the unique flavor of each coffee.

We choose Extremely Light roasting method – Extremely Light to preserve the character of the coffee. XLIII Coffee does not use personal skills and harsh impacts can damage the beans.

XLIII Coffee does not seek recognition from anyone. We give our full attention to the producer and the product. The product’s packaging is designed to emphasize the name of the coffee type, growing area and farming information. That’s how we show respect to the producers and convey the full value of the growing area to our customers.




XLIII Coffee hopes that customers can taste and enjoy the most layers of flavors in a cup of coffee, exploring the senses in the most delicate and simple way.

Original coffee gives customers an overview and accurate coffee taste, the ability to distinguish the flavor of the growing region and limit the inappropriate effects of prolonged anaerobic fermentation.

We carefully exploit each flavor aspect of each coffee through a simple, unfussy extraction method, without mixing and adding other flavorings.

With three extraction methods Shot, Filter, Milk base, we let coffee beans with intrinsic flavor adapt and develop flavor layers in the right environment.

During the process of adapting, accumulating and evolving after 5 years of operation, we realize that no matter how delicious Specialty coffee is, it will be meaningless if the values ​​maintaining it are not valued and appreciated. right price. Transparency information, improved farmer livelihoods and many other ethical aspects have a huge impact on the overall sustainability of our coffee industry. We will still work hard every day to realize our expectations.

We will definitely be more stable in this transformation journey.

XLIII Coffee still maintains operations at two affiliated stores:

– Head office: roasting factory in Da Nang – Lot 422 Ngo Thi Si, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

– Experience shop: 178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Thank you customers and colleagues for accompanying!

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