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2024 US Coffee Championship Preliminary Schedule


In mid-July, the United States Coffee Championship (USCC) Organizing Committee announced the schedule and venue for the 2024 US Coffee Championship Qualifiers. The contest is the perfect place for professional Baristas and inexperienced coffee lovers to indulge their passion. Let’s explore this contest with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


USCC – Honoring the passion for coffee


USCC are events organized by volunteers. Organized by a team of judges, event managers and volunteers from around the world with a passion for coffee competitions. Launched in 2018, the American Coffee Championship aims to improve the accessibility of Baristas locally and regionally in the United States.

According to the official announcement of the Competition Organizing Committee, the next preliminary rounds will take place in the fall of 2023 to the spring of 2024. Candidates participating in USCC will pass the preliminary rounds to advance to the prestigious championship competition. In addition, the final round will likely take place in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association’s Specialty Coffee Exhibition, which promises to provide many interesting and fascinating things about the coffee world.

vòng sơ loại Giải vô địch cà phê Hoa Kỳ năm 2024


American Coffee Championship Competitions


USCC is known as a gathering place for coffee enthusiasts and aspiring to build and develop a thriving industry. Through American Coffee Championship competitions, coffee professionals and communities around the country have many opportunities to meet, socialize, and promote each other’s advancement in skill and service areas. In addition, individuals who win the title of American Coffee Champion will act as ambassadors for the specialty coffee community. USCC competitions include:

– The United States Barista Championship (USBC) is designed specifically for baristas to showcase their coffee-making skills on coffee.

– The Brewers Cup Championship (USBRC) celebrates the art of crafting.

– United States Coffee Spirit Championship (USCIGS) for Baristas and Barkeepers to demonstrate their skills, techniques, and virtuosity in coffee cocktails.

– The US Cup Tasters Championship (USCTC) is an exciting playground for US Cup tasters who want to challenge their opponents in their taste skills.

– The United States Roaster Championship (USRC) is designed for roasters to show off their skills in grading, roasting and roasting planning.

– The United States Latte Art Championship (USLAC) for Baristas demonstrating their design skills on latte and macchiato.

vòng sơ loại Giải vô địch cà phê Hoa Kỳ năm 2024


2024 US Coffee Championship Preliminary Schedule


Following an application and review process conducted by the US SCA Chapter and the Competitions Commission, the Organizer has officially announced the time frame and location for this season’s 2024 Preliminaries. The schedule of the preliminary round of the competitions is expected to start in August 2023, specifically as follows:




25 – 27/8

Talitha Coffees, San Diego

CA – Barista và Coffee In Good Sprits (CIGS)

25 – 27/8

  Blendin Coffee Club, Houston

TX – Roaster

1 – 3/9

  Luce Coffee Roasters, Houston

TX – Barista

8 – 10/9

Công ty cà phê Origin, Tulsa

OK – Barista và Cup Tasters

15 – 17/9

Redhouse Roasters, Newark

NJ – Latte Art

29/9 – 1/10

Messenger Coffee and The Roasterie, Kansas City

MO – Brewers Cup,  Roaster và CIGS

6 – 8/10

Black & White Coffee Roasters, Raleigh

NC – Barista và Brewers Cup

13 – 15/10

Uncommon Coffee, Essex

VT – Barista

13 – 15/10

Brio Coffeeworks, Burlington

VT Cup Tasters

13 – 15/10

Hawaii Coffee Association, Kailua

HI – Brewers Cup và Roaster

13 – 15/ 10

White Rhino Coffee, Dallas

TX – Latte Art và  Cup Tasters

20 – 22/10

Counter Culture Coffee, Los Angeles

CA – Brewers Cup

If you want to participate in the tournament, you can register here. Or follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to update new information about the contest.

In addition, while eagerly waiting for the events of the tournament, let’s admire the collection of specialty coffees from around the world of XLIII Coffee – the brand developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to choose the flavor that belongs to you!

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