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Vietnamese coffee culture – A future that needs to be explored

Coffee, a familiar drink, is everywhere in the S-shaped country. It appears in busy roadside shops, idyllic small shops hidden around the corner. What has made Vietnamese coffee culture?


Coffee has become a way of life


Vietnamese coffee culture becomes a way of life


The French brought coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century. The main coffee bean at that time was Robusta. Cacao has a strong, bitter taste and has influenced the way Vietnamese people enjoy it for a long time.

The explosion of coffee culture has spanned decades from the 90s to the present. Turn it from a simple drink for refreshment, to a typical Vietnamese lifestyle.

Perhaps the coffee preference of the Vietnamese is most evident in the Saigon coffee culture. Coffee as an intersection lies at the heart of many social circles. Even though it’s just a drink, it contains the inner force that binds people together.

Some people like the slow-flowing pure bitterness of iced black coffee, others like the sweet aftertaste when adding a little greasy condensed milk. No one can refuse a cup of Vietnamese coffee.


Specialty coffee and aspiration to build a new culture


Khoáng chất pha chế dùng cho nước pha cà phê và trà

Specialty coffee has original beauty


Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world. This position mainly comes from the Robusta coffee production industry. It accounts for about 97% of the country’s coffee growing area. Robusta seeds are inherently easier to grow than Arabica beans because of the support of weather and soil conditions in Vietnam.

The concept of Specialty coffee (specialty coffee) was first discussed in Vietnam in 2019. It is Arabica beans that are grown, processed and roasted according to SCA – Chinese Coffee Association criteria. Ky. All discussions are aimed at promoting exports and building a domestic market for designated coffees in the region. With the purpose of enhancing the image and position of Vietnam.

Prioritizing the production of high-quality coffee is also building a new culture. There, civilization is measured in clean cups of coffee, no longer roasted and mixed. They redefine quality management standards for Coffee Roasters in Vietnam, as Mr.Ric Rhinehart (*) once said:

“A coffee that meets all quality standards and adds value to the lives and livelihoods of all those involved in the supply chain, is truly a Specialty Coffee.”

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is aware of its mission and always aspires to build a culture of enjoying coffee. 43 Factory is always strict right from the source of imported Arabica materials.

In the future, we firmly believe that Specialty Coffee will be a new step of ideology, building the “Vietnamese coffee culture” to be the most complete.

(*) Person with executive and managerial power of SCA

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