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What is weasel coffee? Should we drink weasel coffee?


What is weasel coffee? Should we drink weasel coffee? Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or not, you’ve probably heard of weasel coffee – expensive coffee. But do you know the process of creating it? If not, the information 43 Factory Coffee Roaster provided below will surprise you.


What is weasel coffee?

Cà phê chồn

Weasel coffee, also known as weasel coffee, is a type of coffee taken from the excreta of ferrets (civets). Although there is a way to get a bit “horror”, the taste of this coffee is very delicious.

Weasel coffee has 2 types: natural weasel coffee and farm weasel coffee. As the name suggests, natural weasel coffee is made from free-living weasels. These ferrets eat the fruits they like, so the taste of coffee is also very diverse and unique. However, the low output makes the price of this coffee high. Farm mink coffee will be cheaper. The ferrets will be fed by farmers so they can control the variety, taste and yield.


How to make weasel coffee


The production principle of weasel coffee is that civets eat coffee beans, and digest and produce faeces containing coffee beans. People will separate the seeds, wash them, dry them, and grind them into powder.

Civets are fragrant, so undigested coffee beans mixed with faeces will also have a unique aroma. Upon discovering this, many people began to feed the civets more coffee.

After harvesting, people will wash these coffee beans. Next, they will be spread evenly and dried in the sun so that only about 10% – 12% humidity is optimal. After drying in the sun, the beans are put into a machine to remove the remaining outer shell before going through manual screening again. The counties will be scored according to each criterion and classified into each level. Only qualified seeds will be selected.

There are quite a few ways to roast coffee. As with weasel coffee, the optimal way is to roast at a moderate level in order not to break the complex flavor structure of the coffee and, at the same time, push the flavor to the highest level. At the same time, after roasting, the coffee must be cooled as quickly as possible to retain the flavor inside the heart of the bean.


Should we drink weasel coffee?

weasel coffee

In terms of taste, weasel coffee beans are very delicious, but when it comes to humanity, this bean makes many people consider it. The civet’s food is very diverse, including bananas, cereals… But because of the great profit from weasel coffee, many people ruthlessly force civets to overeat coffee daily.

On some farms, they are kept in captivity and eat only one food, coffee, from day to day. Coffee beans are often not digested; how they are eaten, they have to live in a confinement environment, making their health condition worse and worse. When unable to produce fragrant coffee beans, they are often killed for meat, ending a miserable life.

The civet is a precious animal, and the coffee beans it produces also become expensive. Many people buy weasel coffee to enjoy the excellent taste but forget what the civet has to endure.

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