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Coffee Roasting Factory

makes Da Nang youth fascinated

Appeared in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang in 2018. Up to now, 43 Factory Roaster still maintains its form when continuously appearing in extremely deep young photos. Let’s explore the unique coffee roasting factory in Da Nang!

Not Only Beautiful Coffee Roaster, Named 43 Factory Coffee Roaster

Under the clear blue sky of the summer of March, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster appeared with the beauty of a genuine factory. The association loves to take pictures of check-in as we whisper, “If you love check-in coffee without going to the workshop, you are not a real virtual living”. Let’s explore the unique coffee roasting factory in Da Nang!

From the outside, the coffee roasting workshop is designed with a modern, minimalist style. Strong black iron pillars, surrounded by glass, exuded a strong aura. Thanks to the V-shaped roof at the angle, the workshop still has an unmistakable softness on Ngo Thi Si street.

The dotted with greenery, and the underwater chairs make the workshop unique and fresh.

Step inside, the soft, cute scent of coffee blends in the workshop’s space. Completely open space with transparent glass walls creates a coffee house with creative glass architecture.

The tables and chairs are neat, the bar is extremely airy with modern mixing equipment. The highlight is the brown wall array with stacked bricks like a peanuts in Europe. That much alone has made us feel relieved, lost when we drop our figure on the typical wooden chair of the “workshop”.



Unforgettable Impressions When Coming to the Coffee Roasting Factory

 Every time you come here, the workshop evokes endless inspiration. Sometimes passionate, strong, sometimes gentle. Like us “unusual” young people. There are no words to describe the beauty inside the workshop. Sunshine overwhelmed each frame, every angle is beautiful and poetic.

We were impressed with the workshop because it had a very interesting style of making coffee. But in the past, I thought that I only made coffee with coffee! Any drink before going to the table is carefully cared for by Barista. This makes us feel more valued for the value that the workshop brings.

Derived from hospitality, the people here are surprisingly warm and enthusiastic. Barista is dedicated to making the most delicious cups of coffee. They are willing to tell us stories about coffee. Make us go from one surprise to another.

It is true that the workshop is a miracle, the workshop patiently connects people with coffee.


Diverse blending methods at 43 Factory coffee Roaster

The strong point at the workshop is the combination of alternative brewing methods, forming the quintessential and soulful coffee flavor. Such as:

Cold Brew brings a fresh taste with a sophisticated and sophisticated brewing method. The finished product is extremely smooth and sweet.

Pour Over is a minimalistic method with many levels of emotions. The cup of coffee is full of notes with a familiar bitter taste. Next is sour and ending with a sweet taste that is extremely memorable.

Milk base / Espresso trendy true to the youth standard with fine coffee beans are cleverly combined with milk. Fresh feeling full of energy.


A new breeze Factory Brought to GenZ Danang generation

 The new breeze mentioned here, is the type of coffee that the workshop brings. The coffee beans are distilled and nurtured from different growing regions. With very strict requirements, “Workshop” gives us young people the original taste. Thanks to the “workshop” we can truly enjoy the world’s famous drinks.

And yet, we also fill the empty stomach with Western bread. Not only in terms of appearance, “workshop” focuses on both nutrition and quality. According to the workers at the factory, the bread is made from the highest quality ingredients. Of course, the process is no less feat than making coffee!

Each cafe has a different mission. The mission of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster – a Specialty Coffee Roaster to customers is always concerned about the original flavor concept. With the continuous efforts of excellent farmers in the world, we will experience the true taste of this fruit. If you do not know where to find a really chill and genuine coffee roaster, then drop by the factory!