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Everything about Laurina coffee – Origin, characteristics, flavor


Laurina coffee is one of the rare varieties with low caffeine content of the Arabica line. Although discovered more than two centuries ago, these types of coffee have only gained popularity in the last few years. However, Laurina has won high praise at international level competitions such as in the 2018 World Brewers Cup for its attractive and distinct flavor profile. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover its unique history and potential through this article!


Laurina coffee is a treasure from Réunion


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the exact origin of Laurina coffee. According to research experts, Laurina is a type of coffee with high quality potential, first discovered on the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean – an overseas region of France, located east of Madagascar. The name Laurina is said to originate from the similarity of the shape of the coffee tree to the laurel tree. It is also called Le Roy by producers after the farmer who first discovered the variety.

cà phê Laurina

In addition, Laurina is also often called Bourbon Pointu coffee. This name is based on both the geographical origin and the elongated, “pointed” shape of the coffee bean. In the 1810s, farmers thought that Bourbon Pointu was a hybrid between the native Réunion coffee plant and the Bourbon plant imported from Yemen. But later, a historical and scientific study confirmed that Bourbon pointu is actually a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety.

cà phê Laurina


Laurina coffee carries the superior genetics of Bourbon


Laurina coffee trees have unique characteristics ranging from tree shape to leaves and fruit. The tree is shaped like a Christmas tree, with thick branches, small leaves and slightly pointed cherries. In addition, being a dwarf mutant of Bourbon, small, dwarf trees are beneficial to farmers because they can be planted more densely and are easier to harvest.

cà phê Laurina

Laurina is also a strain with naturally low caffeine content. It only contains about 1/3 to 1/2 the caffeine of regular varieties. For many people who are intoxicated and allergic to this stimulant, Laurina is a savior next to decaf. But this is detrimental to the growth of the plant, making coffee susceptible to damage by pests. Researchers growing Laurina in Hawaii have confirmed that this plant grows at a slower rate than other Arabica coffee varieties. However, it also produces more fruit per plant than other Arabica coffee varieties for see the potential to expand production scale.

cà phê Laurina


Rare characteristics of Laurina coffee flavor


Laurina is highly appreciated by coffee experts for its delicate and distinct flavor characteristics. It doesn’t taste like any regular coffee. Bright acidity and high sweetness make the coffee flavor blend with clean, bright and sweet notes. It usually has no bitterness or very little bitterness. When enjoying, the experiencer may feel a distinct citrus or lactic acid taste. In addition, when using some special roasting methods, coffee can also produce flavors such as fig, walnut, tarragon, papaya and Hobnob biscuits.

With its special flavor attributes, caffeine content, and scarcity due to difficulty in production, Laurina coffee has a very high value. In 2016, Daterra auctioned Laurina anaerobic fermented coffee for 58 USD/lb, about 1,406,500 VND. At the time it was a record price for a Brazilian coffee. Furthermore, with the potential for naturally low caffeine properties, Laurina coffee could present a viable opportunity for both producers and roasters looking for rare and novel coffee varieties.

cà phê Laurina

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