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Career opportunities in the coffee industry. Jobs in the coffee industry


Career opportunities in the coffee industry. What is a job in the coffee industry? Coffee is a familiar drink for Vietnamese people, but perhaps not many people know about jobs in this industry. If you love tomato seeds, want to work with it, what opportunities will come? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Career opportunities in the coffee industry


The coffee industry is gradually developing and bringing a lot of profits, specifically, the coffee industry contributes 3% of the country’s GDP, creating jobs and stable income for over 600,000 farming households. Along with the importance of this industry, the careers within it also receive much attention.


Careers in the coffee industry


When it comes to careers in coffee, many people only know about farmers who are busy with coffee fields. 43 Factory will send readers popular careers in this industry.

Career opportunities in the coffee


Coffee has been grown in Vietnam for a long time, but in the past 30 years, it has really changed. Coffee growers require mastery of knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of this plant. From the planting process, attention must also be paid to care, pest prevention, harvesting, preliminary processing and preservation of coffee… All must be done in the right way to ensure the output of coffee beans. 

Coffee buyer

This is a potential industry but human resources are still limited. Coffee collectors have to verify the quality to ensure an efficient transaction, as well as act as a bridge between trading companies, coffee shops, and coffee producers.

In addition to requiring specialized skills, understanding market trends, the nature of this career is to travel often to work with farms, plantations, or other intermediary organizations. So this profession will bring diverse experiences, continuous updates and lots of fun for those who are really passionate about coffee.

Career opportunities in the coffee industry


There are many different methods of roasting coffee, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for each orientation. Coffee roasters must know the techniques and characteristics of coffee beans. It must be a meticulous, careful person who understands each roasting process, the time of the first bang, the roasting temperature,…

Coffee quality control

This is the department that controls and checks the quality of coffee beans before it is delivered to consumers. It is the same job as coffee appraisal experts like green bean purchasing experts, but QC is more inclined to appraise finished products after roasting. That is, taking responsibility for evaluating coffee samples after they are done by roasters, ensuring their stability.


The finished coffee products after roasting must be prepared according to the recipes, under the standard combination of water volume, temperature, … to create the right taste according to the customer’s requirements.

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Development opportunities of the coffee industry

A solid foundation for workers in the coffee industry is the sustainability and stability of the entire industry. Currently, Vietnam’s coffee industry is facing many opportunities and advantages, many markets around the world are opening and giving us tax incentives. The details are given in the article Prospects of Vietnamese coffee industry

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