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Together with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster look back on the journey of 5 years of effort


Time flies like waves in the distance. In the blink of an eye, you have been with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster on the journey of building the true value of coffee for nearly 5 years. During those years, deep in the hearts of associates and customers, coffee is not only a drink, but also a story, a mission and a passion. We invite you to look back at this wonderful journey with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


2018 – Journey 43 Factory Coffee Roaster begins its first steps


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With a love of specialty coffee, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster was determined to take its first steps in 2018. At that time, the concept of “specialty coffee” or “sustainable coffee industry” was still quite new to the community. Vietnam. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster always faces many obstacles in terms of market barriers, competition, customer perception and even difficulties in accessing raw materials,…

But the workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster never thought about giving up. We see it as a challenge to overcome, a passion to be conquered, and a commitment to be kept. Therefore, despite many sleepless nights, I always research and learn to fully understand the meaning of the sustainable coffee industry and my responsibility. No matter how big the barrier is, you still accept the commitment to find the best source of ingredients, design the roasting and brewing process to convey the full value of coffee, from the process of farming, harvesting, roasting to end user. No matter how complicated the road is, the Workshop also meticulously chooses to record growing areas, partners, and share each story with everyone to protect the environment and coffee farmers around the world.

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster


2019 – Efforts to improve day by day for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster journey


After overcoming the initial difficulties, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster continues to make unremitting efforts to become more and more perfect. All staff at the Workshop are focused on doing everything towards the mission of original coffee flavor. Update new trends in the coffee industry. Explore as many coffee growing areas, preserve and store according to sustainable science. Creation and improvement of roasting and blending techniques. Improve your knowledge, skills, passion and inspiration. Having to wake up in the early morning or late at night, but no one is discouraged, but always enthusiastic, fighting hard.

2019 was a challenging year and also a fruitful year for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. The workshop has more modern roasting machines, to be able to precisely control the roasting process. Self-explored and researched roasting coffee beans to the Extremely light standard so that the flavor structure and aroma of specialty coffee beans are kept intact.

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster


2020 – Journey to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has many new elements


Journey 43 Factory Coffee Roaster seems to be gradually being accepted by the community. The factory also welcomes many new associates with a passion for authentic flavors and a desire to contribute to the community’s sustainable values. There is nothing happier than when people with the same orientation are gathered and connected. We learn, share, support and grow together along the way. We encourage, encourage, and firmly resolve to give each other the sincerity to stay firmly on the chosen path.

 hành trình 43 factory coffee roasterhành trình 43 factory coffee roaster


2021 – 43 Factory Coffee Roaster unites to cope with the epidemic


At the time of a serious outbreak of the disease, social distancing caused many businesses to struggle and even stop operating. Things are more difficult when the global supply chain falls into a state of disruption. Receiving messages, calls waiting for a clean cup of coffee from each guest, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is more and more aware of its responsibility. All employees of the Workshop immediately embarked on renovating the operating system so that it is very streamlined to quickly adapt to the general situation of the whole society. We cherish each cup of fragrant coffee to send to our customers. Not afraid of difficulties, not afraid to suffer for a community and ideal, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is ready to roll and face all challenges and obstacles. 

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster


2022 – First expansion with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in Ho Chi Minh City


This is the year marking the rise from the sunny and windy land into the magnificent Saigon. Stepping into the broader market, difficulties are inevitable. But the 43 Factory Coffee Roaster team is much more confident and mature. The rotation of the new environment is busy around the clock, but the mind is always bright because of the belief in the future and the warm reception of the community. Together, we have turned 43 Factory Coffee Roaster into a meeting place to discover, exchange, learn and share passion for coffee in the prosperous Ho Chi Minh City.

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster 


2023 – 43 Factory Coffee Roaster unlocks intrinsic potential


During its operation, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster works with the principle of continuously cultivating and strengthening the nature of resources. Quality, sustainable, transparent, traceability sources are always updated regularly, maintaining long-term cooperation. Up to now, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is proud to have relationships with top quality supply partners around the world. In addition, we also have a team of talented and enthusiastic staff. Associates who have the desire to dedicate themselves to the goal of giving true coffee value to everyone. We stick together and strive to maintain our heart, develop internally and wait for a brilliant breakthrough opportunity.

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster

hành trình 43 factory coffee roaster

The journey of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a long journey of striving hard for coffee, the community, and the green planet. It is built and nurtured by like-minded people to create delicious cups of coffee or better protect the source of taste and passion in the heart. Thank you for your support and warm welcome during the past time.

We hope you have had many interesting and rewarding experiences from this journey. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is about to say goodbye but I hope you will always remember the happy moments when we were together.

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