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43 Factory Coffee Saigon – Covered with green color, sending cool feelings


The weather is getting hotter and hotter, surely everyone wants to be in the cool green space to relax and enjoy delicious drinks. Understanding that mindset 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Saigon has brought nature closer to the experiencer. The space of April combining harmoniously green trees into every small corner promises to be the perfect destination for this summer. Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster now!


Green coffee space in the heart of Saigon


43 Factory Coffee Roaster Saigon, which stands out between the black and white colors in the heart of District 1. Although it looks familiar from the outside, the inside of the factory is filled with delicately decorated trees. Previously, the interior design was modern, minimalist with monochromatic colors, now it has added more cool green patches. The natural space is carefully designed to blend with the aroma of specialty coffee. The landscape gives off a fresh breath, ideal for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Saigon.

43 factory coffee roaster sài gòn

Open the door to enter the first floor, you will be delighted by nature that has never been so close. The space features a huge terrarium ecosystem right in the middle of the room. The “green” appearance makes the soul easy to relax. Any corner here is easy to get a cool virtual live photo.

The 2nd and 3rd floors are designed in a minimalist style but no less modern to help diners fully feel the delicate movements from a cup of sweet and fragrant coffee. Trees are incorporated throughout each floor along with glass doors. The magical open space brings you into the natural freshness. Still monochromatic without complicated motifs but with a little green to make the coffee flavor more complete. Surrounded by harmonious green, you can choose a spot near the bar, enjoy a smooth cup of coffee and watch how meticulous workers create a delicious finished product. Sit close to the table by the glass door so that you can both watch the whole room and chill with the bustling line of people outside the glass door. The green space of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster gently surrounds and separates you from the harsh weather. Every area is carefully decorated to bring a comfortable feeling for you to enjoy pure and new values.

43 factory coffee roaster sài gòn


Coffee taste between cool green color


Coffee at the factory is high quality Arabica coffee beans from globally famous coffee growing regions, The beans contain the natural purity of the land where it was born. Each coffee species contains a long journey. It can be a journey from Finca Soledad’s passion for listening to nature, preserving the pristine beauty of Ninety Plus’s motherland. It is the orientation to preserve the beauty of coffee from Ethiopia, Peru, Ecuador and many other meaningful journeys. Enjoy any cup of coffee at the workshop, you will probably feel the subtle sourness, sweetness and also the aroma of flowers and tropical fruits.

Amidst the elegant green color, the specialty coffee in hand seems to be fresher and more interesting. The fresh landscape of the factory is like a curtain separating the hot heat outside. Each emanating note is wrapped in a pure space and fully delivered to the experiencer.

43 factory coffee roaster sài gòn


43 Factory Coffee – the ideal rendezvous for like-minded people


Life is a series of experiences, it is more interesting to feel together. Connect to enjoy and exchange a lot of value. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster creates a green space, bringing clean cups of coffee instead of opening the story. You can bring your family, friends or “truelove” to the workshop. Experience the flavors of coffee from all over the world together. Take a photo between the airy green and nature opening up to each other more.

Moreover, the workshop is also an ideal place for specialty coffee enthusiasts. People who love new experiences with a cup of coffee with the unique flavor of each land on earth. Here you will have unexpected meetings and meetings because of the same interests. Like-minded people are free to chat, share their own experiences or tolerate new and interesting energies from new friends.

43 factory coffee roaster sài gòn

Not only is the place to exchange and connect love and passion, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is also a place to meet, sign and exchange important work. Minimalist space gives the mind a high level of focus for important decisions. Besides, the space is fresh so that the two sides can still maintain a balanced link for the win-win relationship. The two sides invite each other to a specialty coffee with pure energy to open a bright and long-term future.

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