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The 15th Grounds for Health Auction is underway


Every year, businesses and coffee manufacturers in the United States donate rare batches of coffee to the Grounds for Health auction. This is a great opportunity for specialty coffee roasters and grinders to own rare and hard-to-find special coffee beans and to contribute to the public health support fund for the coffee industry. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to find out about this year’s 15th Grounds for Health Auction!


What is Grounds for Health?


Grounds for Health is a non-profit international organization founded in 1996. The organization operates on a mission to build and connect global health care services to prevent cervical cancer in women. the coffee community through global cervical cancer prevention campaigns; Cooperation with local health organizations, NGOs, coffee cooperatives; Organize training of local health care providers on effective cervical cancer treatments; Train public health promoters on how to communicate the consequences, prevention measures,… of this disease to relatives, friends, and the surrounding community.

With more than 25 years of operation, Grounds for Health has examined more than 135,000 women, treated more than 11,000, and trained more than 575 health workers and more than 1,000 members to promote public health.

Phiên đấu giá Grounds for Health lần thứ 15


The 15th Grounds for Health Auction


The 15th Grounds for Health Auction is taking place June 14-15, 2023 in Vermont. Detailed time:

– Auction opening: 12 noon EDT / 9 am PDT Wednesday, June 14, 2023

– Auction ends: 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT – Thursday, June 15, 2023

Phiên đấu giá Grounds for Health lần thứ 15

This year there will be twenty high-quality specialty coffees from renowned growing regions throughout the United States and state-of-the-art coffee equipment being sold at public auction with prices starting from $2.25 to $10. la. All proceeds will go directly to the Grounds for Health fund to improve health care services for women in coffee-growing countries.

In addition, the 15th Grounds for Health Coffee event promises to be a gathering place for the coffee community and experts and providers of health care services for women in coffee-growing countries. Therefore, attendees have the opportunity to own rare coffee batches, support  Grounds for Health fundraising and meet, exchange and learn knowledge with leading experts in the industry.

Phiên đấu giá Grounds for Health lần thứ 15

>>> See more details about the auction and FAQ here.

Grounds for Health is the leading organization for cervical cancer prevention in coffee-growing regions in several parts of Latin America and Africa. The annual Grounds for Health auction plays an important role in building funds to support activities of positive value for public health. As a supplier, we consumers can support, promote or participate in auctions to make fundraisers more successful and benefit women’s health programs in the coffee community. . So let’s share this information with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to everyone!

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Source: groundsforhealth and gfhauction

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