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Feel the taste of coffee with begginers

As a coffee lover who wants to experience more, the ability to feel the taste is essential. A person who cannot perceive good taste will be limited in perceiving the uniqueness of coffee. How important is taste perception?


Feel the taste

Feel the taste has a big impact on Barista


What is taste?


Of the five senses, taste is direct chemical perception, capable of detecting flavors in food, detecting minerals and even toxins. Researchers have divided that perception into five basic taste sensations: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. Umami is also a type of perception, describing delicious flavors.

The process of taste reception begins at the surface of the tongue, runs along the roof of the mouth, along the epithelium of the pharynx and epiglottis. The taste buds are the part that helps us have the richest taste experiences of all.


Feel the taste of coffee


Coffee is considered an excellent agricultural product because of its health value as well as its flavor characteristics. How many flavors does coffee have? You can find more than 800 flavors in coffee beans. The taste groups in coffee are extremely rich and diverse.

The overall perception of taste includes scent, and taste includes mouthfeel and aftertaste. In general, these concepts are quite similar, but for each element you need a different part to feel. If for aroma you will perceive with the sense of smell, “taste” will describe the senses inside the mouth, mainly the tongue.

Feel the taste of coffee

Feel the taste of coffee with many senses

The taste sensations in coffee are formed according to the order of compounds produced during the extraction process. Also known as the coffee metabolism sequence is arranged in order: salty, sour, sweet, bitter. These are the flavors you most easily feel in a cup of coffee.


Improve the ability to feel the taste 


First, use your sense of smell to sense the aroma in the coffee. The first is the dry aroma, which is the aroma when the coffee is freshly ground. Then there is the wet scent when the coffee has been hydrated. This is considered the process of opening up the first sensations in your taste perception process.

Next will go to the coffee-tasting phase. Take a sip of coffee, just enough for the jets of water to enter the mouth to reach the taste buds as much as possible. This helps you become more sensitive to the flavors in the coffee, enriching the experience.

Then identify what you have felt and write it down in your subconscious mind or a notebook, where you believe you can best store your memories. This helps you lay the groundwork, filling in how you perceive the coffee to taste. Please describe them, in the most detail about what you feel in that delicious cup of coffee. Don’t be shy if your description is like no other. Let your worldview be more open with wonderful notes. Describing the taste of coffee can not only be seen as having a woody or floral aroma. It’s also how I describe my emotional transition through each taste of sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

The elements you need to feel and try to describe it include: wet, dry, body, acidity, sweetness, aftertaste. All these factors have a standard and are evaluated in a more objective and professional way for cupping techniques.

feel the taste of coffee

Naming flavors in coffee is not just a hobby. It is the fastest way for us to connect with that delicious taste. The American Specialty Coffee Association – SCAA also had a great invention of coffee flavor description: the flavor circle more than 20 years ago. This circle allows us to universalize more terms and adjectives that describe in detail the flavors in coffee in different shades.

Perceiving the taste of coffee is the process of forming memories of scents and tastes in each of us. Be patient to focus more on the deliciousness of the coffee you enjoy. Because, these are the simplest and fastest communication method between user and producer.

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