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How to combine alcohol and coffee to increase sleep quality


According to scientists, coffee and alcohol both have side effects on sleep. In particular, caffeine in a cup of coffee can reduce sleep time by up to 10 minutes and alcohol by 4% of total sleep time. However, a research report has found that combine alcohol and coffee to increase sleep quality. Let’s find out details with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Drinking alcohol after coffee can increase sleep quality


Independent studies on the effects of coffee and alcohol on sleep have shown negative results. For example, alcohol consumption significantly reduces sleep duration and efficiency. Long-term use of caffeine also causes sleep disturbances. But when scientists combined these two drinks to further study their effects on sleep, the results were opposite to expected.

kết hợp rượu với cà phê tăng chất lượng giấc ngủ

The results show that drinking alcohol after coffee can partially reduce the negative effects of caffeine on sleep performance. People who combine drinking alcohol after drinking coffee for a period of time help sleep more deeply and improve sleep time. Experts say this suggests that the sedative effects of alcohol and the neuro-stimulating effects of caffeine, when combined together, may leave the subjective perception of sleep quality intact.


The time to combine alcohol and coffee effectively increases sleep quality


According to research results, combining alcohol and coffee can increase sleep quality and help you fall asleep more easily and sleep deeper. A moderate amount of alcohol has the ability to calm and relax. Using it after drinking alcohol before going to bed can neutralize the nerve stimulant of the amount of caffeine previously loaded into the body, thereby reducing the risk of insomnia. If you drink coffee to stay alert throughout the evening and want to sleep better, you can enjoy a glass of light wine about 1 – 2 hours before bed.

kết hợp rượu với cà phê tăng chất lượng giấc ngủ

An important note for you is to use light alcohol and limit caffeine content in the evening to avoid excessive nerve stimulation. Depending on each person’s physical condition, combining alcohol and coffee will have different effects. You should understand your body through expert advice, and monitor your health condition every day. In addition, you should not abuse coffee and alcohol to improve sleep for a long time to ensure health safety.

kết hợp rượu với cà phê tăng chất lượng giấc ngủ

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