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Does Denmark’s upcoming special coffee water for the perfect cup of coffee?


Water is the ingredient that makes up 98% of a cup of coffee, and includes minerals that can combine and react with flavor compounds in the beans. This gives water the ability to awaken flavors, turning an ordinary cup of coffee into a work of art or worse, depending on the quality of water used. Therefore, experts and coffee enthusiasts are trying to find good types of water for the brewing process. Recently, a company in Denmark said they will launch a type of coffee water for high-quality coffee lovers in 2024. Discover with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Denmark is about to launch a special coffee drink in 2024


Water quality and hardness (the amount of minerals in the water) have a huge impact on the final flavor quality of your cup of coffee. Currently, most bottled mineral water on the market has not reached the optimal level for coffee preparation. Espresso House founder Denmark, Danish company Peter Larsen Kaffe and the University of Copenhagen have collaborated to develop DesignerWater bottled water. This water will officially launch in 2024. The product uses a patent-pending RO system and adds optimal salt and mineral content to “enhance” the flavor of coffee.

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The value of special coffee water from Denmark


According to research results from the University of Copenhagen, DesignerWater bottled water has the ability to optimize and enhance the flavor of coffee. The flavor has a clear improvement in taste, richness, mouth feel and balance. In addition, under monitoring each time of preparation, equipment prepared with the new type of water shows less signs of limescale or corrosion compared to other types of water. This makes equipment maintenance easier and can potentially extend the life of the dispensers.

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However, the value of the DesignerWater line of specialized coffee making products is only now being proven by science. This type of water has not been officially opened for sale yet, so there are not many reviews based on actual experience. We have not yet determined whether this is the best type of water for coffee or not. Furthermore, experts say, each type of coffee has its own physical and chemical properties. They can react with water in different ways. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which water is perfect for all types and preparation methods.

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The level of “deliciousness” and resonance with the coffee flavor of this new type of water may need to undergo testing and evaluation after launch. But based on published scientific experiments, DesignerWater still creates expectations for cups of coffee with unique, sublime flavors. To know the actual results of the product’s reception and positivity, follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s news channel every day to update information.

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