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Can farmers increase their income with new coffee processing methods?


Climate change causes natural resources to become increasingly depleted. Unpredictable weather makes it difficult for traditional coffee processing steps that require water and sunlight, such as washed processing and natural processing. This has led to some manufacturers starting to improve and create new processes using new and unique fermentation technologies and experiments. So can farmers increase their income with this new coffee processing method? Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The increasing diversity of coffee processing methods


Previously, coffee processing was popular with washed and natural processing methods. But now, specialty coffee producers have used many new processing methods, such as anaerobic fermentation, lactic fermentation, etc. Each method has its own unique processes depending on the product. each farmer’s own formula. Coffee through these processes will improve its quality and develop specific flavors in different ways.

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In addition, through experiments, traditional processing methods are also improved with new techniques, saving energy and improving quality. For example, Pulped natural – a processing method that removes the outer shell and some mucilage from the coffee cherries before drying, reducing drying time and mold rate compared to completely dry processing. The honey processing method has also been improved to remove part of the coffee fruit skin before drying. This method has many variations that produce different finished products. For example, black seeds are the closest result to natural processing, as the peeling process of honey preparation keeps the mucilage intact on the fruit. Red, yellow beans are the result when the manufacturer keeps less residual mucilage on the cherries. White beans are the same case as washed processing, the fruit only has a little mucilage when drying.

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Can farmers receive higher prices with new coffee processing methods?


Unlike traditional washed processing methods, new methods do not need to use too much water or many people to grind, wash, and dry coffee. This helps the farm reduce a significant portion of costs during the production process. Many types of coffee use improved processing methods and have outstanding quality. The selling price from these types of coffee is sometimes higher than that of traditionally processed coffee. Therefore, improving and creating coffee processing methods to improve quality can help farmers receive higher prices.

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However, experts note that diversifying processing techniques and sustainability must always go hand in hand. Farmers need formal training and education on how to carry out different processing methods and their impact on the environment. Because if developed too excessively, producers may run the risk of reducing coffee quality as well as other negative impacts. Additionally, no matter what processing method manufacturers use, they must always receive the right level of support from other industry stakeholders to ensure sustainable development in all aspects.

phương pháp chế biến cà phê mới

The development of processing methods can be integral to improving sustainable practices while increasing the likelihood of higher prices for farmers. They need to be strictly controlled and tested to maintain quality as well as limit their impact on the environment.

phương pháp chế biến cà phê mới

As a business, XLIII Coffee – A brand developed from its predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, understands that every small change can impact the direction of the industry. Therefore, we always choose to cooperate with farmers who are interested in sustainable production methods. Specialty coffee batches are applied with innovative washed processing methods, which not only achieve high perfection in the finished product, but also conserve water and minimize impact on the environment. If you want to experience it, visit XLIII Coffee.

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