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Hario V60 – Coffee brewing method for the perfect Filter experience

Hario V60 is being used by many people because of its streamlined design and high applicability. As you know, the soul of a cup of coffee lies in the brewing method, ingredients, and tools. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster introduces to readers information about the Hario V60 brewing method.

Hario V60

History of manual coffee maker – V60


Hario and the birth of the V60


The V60 is a coffee maker invented and invented by a Japanese company named Hario, a company that specializes in the production of laboratory glassware.

A long time ago, the most popular method of brewing coffee was still drip, a process that required both practice and patience to carry out. Hario wanted to create a new brewing method that preserves drip coffee output while being easy to use.

In the late 1950s, designer Tsuruoka at the Hario company invented a type of coffee filter with a cone made of glass. This innovative product is the solution to the complicated coffee making process after a lot of mistakes.

It was not until 2004 that Hario achieved sophisticated improvements, refining the design and increasing the level of perfection of the product. Up to this point, the V60 has really been officially launched to the public.

Hario V60

V60 is designed for the perfect Filter coffee experience

V60 was born with a sophisticated appearance. To ensure high applicability, Hario has created more spirals on the wall of the funnel. It solved the problems caused by diagonal lines in filter funnels of similar design. This has made the V60 unique and overcomes many of the disadvantages that other filter funnels have.

The new design of the V60 has an extra large hole in the center, making it easier to pass through the coffee, making the extraction process more efficient. Thanks to that, it is possible to bring users a unique and sharp taste experience.

Thanks to the widespread popularity in the coffee world, Hario and a number of other companies constantly update to release many different V60 versions, the common point is based on the principle of this funnel. With many unique and eye-catching designs, V60 is considered a “fashion” symbol in the coffee industry.


Great experiences with Hario V60


People often comment that they can distinguish Specialty coffee flavors better when brewing with the V60. Filtering coffee with a special circular paper for this tool promises to bring to the taste buds of diners clear notes, along with the original coffee aroma that is fully preserved.

The V60 also helps to remove the residue that can sometimes occur when you brew coffee. Moreover, this coffee maker is also easy to use and extremely eco-friendly. It only takes you three minutes to make a cup of coffee. Hario V60 will help you significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the coffee making process.


Why is V60 popular in Pour Over / Filter?


What does the V60 contribute to the coffee experience?

Firstly, the Pour Over technique, also known as “Drip Brewed Coffee”, are terms that refer to a simple method of brewing coffee with filter paper. The water will pass through the coffee and then through the filter paper by force. In addition to using V60 in this concoction, Baristas can also use Chemx, Bee house, Kalita wave…So why V60?Hario V60

The familiar coffee filter paper bag for Filter or Pour Over coffee

When Pour Over with V60, the Barista can adjust the coffee flavor by changing the speed of the water flow. If pouring the water stream is small, slow, even and for a long time, it will help the body “thick” (Heavy body), the flavor is clearer, but it may lead to bitterness if poured for too long. Conversely, a quick pour will make the body “thinner” (light body) and the taste will be “cleaner”. In addition, the filter paper of the V60 is relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and does not smell when mixed.

Each person will choose their own way to enjoy. But absolutely should not compare the quality of coffee prepared from V60 with other methods such as French Press, Moka pot or Cafe Siphon… Very lame and baseless.

V60 has launched 12 years ago and then available in more than 70 countries worldwide and brought Hario many awards. The first prototype of the conical filter funnel was made of glass, ceramic, then plastic material and finally metal. The latest V60 versions are made from copper metal for high thermal conductivity, better heat retention for more efficient extraction.

At Hario, coffee makers sold outside of Japan account for about half of the company’s sales. It is clear that the company has a major impact on the global coffee industry as a whole. With the trend of the fourth coffee wave, the brewing experience with the V60 is not going to slow down. The V60 will constantly change in design to suit the changes of this trend.

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