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Café Granja La Esperanza – A love of specialty coffee for more than 7 decades in Colombia


Drinking coffee for many years have you heard the name Café Granja La Esperanza? This farm is praised by experts as a monument of specialty coffee in Colombia. Because not only has a history of development spanning more than 7 decades, it also owns batches of premium coffee specialized for world-class competitions. In addition, Café Granja La Esperanza is an ideal destination for coffee lovers who want to discover the taste and story of these wonderful coffee beans. Let’s explore this farm with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Café Granja La Esperanza journey more than 7 decades to conquer the passion for specialty coffee


The story begins when Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera – a couple with a love for specialty coffee, come to Valle del Cauca. When they arrived in this land, they began looking for land to open a farm. After many years of research, they decided to stop in the town of Calcedonia to build their first farm called Potosi. Until 1945, Café Granja La Esperanza was born.

At first, they only planted Typica coffee, divided and cared for small batches so that their coffee beans had the best quality. After many years of dedication to coffee, the couple has gradually been loved and supported by the Colombian people. The coffee business gradually became a foothold, so they decided to buy more farms in the Valle del Cauca region. This time, they have chosen places with more favorable climate and terrain conditions and planted more varieties of Bourbon yellow, Bourbon red and Caturra to diversify choices for customers. They hire more workers, spreading the inspiration about coffee beans to all employees and their children.

CafE Granja La Esperanza

In the late 90s, that passion was inherited and developed stronger by Rigoberto Herrera and Luis Herrera – the children of the farm owner and his wife. After taking over, they immediately began to learn the most scientific ways to improve the quality of coffee beans. They began testing new coffee varieties, applying sustainable farming methods, and caring for coffee trees according to international standards. They are determined to cultivate organic coffee as well as promote investment in modern equipment to improve product quality and optimize processing processes.

The two operators Rigoberto and Luis began to believe deeply in their work and so their dream grew as the crops grew in different growing regions in their native Colombia. In 2003, they decided to export the region’s best and most unique specialty coffee. Thanks to unremitting efforts, the coffees at Café Granja La Esperanza farm make coffee enthusiasts admired with their unique and extremely attractive flavor profiles.

In 2007, Rigoberto Herrera and Luis Herrera had the opportunity to rent and manage a farm in Panama where they produced Gesha Coffee. They participated in Best of Panama and won first place with Gesha coffee from the Cerro Azul farm. This is an important milestone marking the beginning of a new era in the history of Café Granja La Esperanza.

From then until now, every day those people with a passion for coffee and community responsibility still live and continuously improve to bring Colombian coffee to a new level. With a focus on perfecting and improving processes and exclusive processing, the coffee bean profile here is always recognized and highly appreciated. That’s why Café Granja La Esperanza’s coffee has now won many prestigious awards such as Best of Panama, SCAA Best Coffee of the Year, World Barista Championship and Good Food Award.

CafE Granja La Esperanza


Coffee-growing regions of Café Granja La Esperanza


Café Granja La Esperanza is one of the most famous coffee farms in Colombia, located in the Valle del Cauca region. It consists of five farms divided into small lots dedicated to growing Gesha, Sidra, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra varieties. Each farm has its own distinct geographical and climatic features that help coffee varieties grown in this place have sweet and rich notes, like a Colombian symphony.








Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca








Number of lots






Total crop area

17,4 ha

33,8 ha

34.3 ha

52 ha

12,5 ha

Number of trees







1.700 – 2000 masl

1.570 – 1850  masl

1.430 – 1760 masl

1.400 – 1860 masl

1.450 – 1530 masl


15 – 21°C

17 – 22°C

20 – 23°C

17 – 22°C

20 – 23°C


1.526 mm/year

1.340 mm/year

1.526 mm/year

1.340 mm/year

1.900 mm/year


85 – 90%


80 – 85%




Café Granja La Esperanza stands out for its innovative processing processes


Café Granja La Esperanza pursues the goal of creating the most perfect cups of coffee. Therefore, in addition to applying advanced scientific organic farming techniques, they constantly explore and innovate production and processing processes. To do that, farm operators have invested, built a quality laboratory to check the quality of coffee at every stage, from cultivation to roasting. Preliminary processing of the farm is also focused on development. Prominent can be mentioned are the X.O and Napoleon processes that enhance the flavor, creating a rich complex for the scent. They also have a team of Q-Grader experts to verify and analyze all of their coffee batches to ensure the best quality, uniformity and stability. In addition, Café Granja La Esperanza also collaborates with suppliers to share knowledge and good manufacturing practices, to ensure that each of their coffees has a score of 84 or higher.

CafE Granja La Esperanza

The Café Granja La Esperanza farm is not only a bright spot of the success of the Colombian coffee industry, but also an inspiration for those who love and want to explore the world of specialty coffee. If you are curious about the taste and stories of this farm, come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience it together.

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