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Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 Coffee – The precious aroma of Valle del Cauca


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 coffee comes from Cafe Granja La Esperanza farm. A wonderful batch of Gesha coffee with a rich flavor base that makes fans passionately passionate. The scent strip is long, succulent, and flexible like the entrance to an Eden filled with fragrant flowers and fruits typical of the Valle del Cauca region. Let’s learn about this coffee bean with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 coffee grows thanks to the grace of nature


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 is planted on a fertile hill in Valle del Cauca, Trujillo. This area is located in the west of Colombia. Unique terrain with the North bordering the province of Risaralda and Quindío, the South bordering Cauca, the East bordering Tolima, the West bordering Chocó and the Pacific Ocean. The natural conditions here are especially cool and diverse with many ideal microclimates. The year-round temperature is always between 20 – 23 degrees Celsius, helping the Gesha variety enhance its metabolism and absorb nutrients easily. In addition, the coffee tree absorbs silt and abundant water from the Cauca River to create a rich sweetness and characteristic acidity. The growing area is from 1,430 – 1,760m above sea level – the perfect altitude for the tree to avoid frost, prolonging the fruit’s ripening cycle. Thanks to that, the coffee fruit can transform the maximum amount of sugar and minerals into layers of flavor imbued with the beauty of the Cauca valley.

Cà phê Buenos Aires Gesha #0370


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 coffee is sweet and bright


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 coffee is famous for its high malic acid and full, balanced body. Regardless of the extraction method, the beans always stand out for their sharpness that belongs to Colombian Gesha. When freshly brewed, the aroma of coffee is filled with the light aroma of red apple, jasmine and tangerine. In particular, the elegant scent of jasmine combined with the delicious fresh fruit flavor will blend with your taste buds until the last moment.

But it doesn’t just stop with the fragrant, gentle sweetness. Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 is attractive for the flexibility of malic acid with temperature. When the layer of coffee is still hot in your hand, the malic characteristic is temporarily hidden. You will clearly feel the pure floral scent along with the clear tangerine and apricot flavors. As the temperature gradually drops, the malic begins to emerge, giving you the freshness of red apples. The taste is soft, not at all monotonous because the flavor layer will have a little sweetness and novelty of ripe banana and orange. When completely cold, the acids will roll with the scent of jasmine, revealing the sharp, neat features of green apple and green lemon. A sharp sour taste with a sweet aftertaste, bringing the full characteristics of Colombia in every drop of coffee.

Cà phê Buenos Aires Gesha #0370


Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 from the Cafe Granja La Esperanza farm effort


In addition to being favored by nature, the appeal of Buenos Aires Gesha #0370 is also cared for by the dedication of the Cafe Granja La Esperanza team. The two operators Rigoberto and Luis have spent many years researching and creating the ideal environment for the Gesha breed. They naturally improve the porosity and nutrition of coffee using native flora and fauna. Efforts to pursue organic farming methods, continuously innovating production and processing processes to enhance flavor while reducing water consumption and protecting the environment. Furthermore, the coffee maturation process is closely followed by a team of workers so that the flavor profile remains consistent and better each year.

Cà phê Buenos Aires Gesha #0370

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