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Technology – an essential factor to promote coffee production


Technology is an indispensable factor in today’s coffee industry. From production to consumption, technology has brought many benefits to stakeholders. At the farm level, increasingly advanced automation equipment and applications help improve productivity and quality, making the production process more efficient. Technology also supports farm owners to collect and analyze data on soil; forecast the situation of natural disasters and risks in farming, harvesting and processing. To understand more about the role of technology in coffee production, let’s explore 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Technology to improve the process of coffee quality management


Over the years, technology has been applied by many farms in the production stages to improve the quality and value of coffee. Through modern platforms, equipment, and technology, manufacturers can monitor, evaluate and adjust production processes to ensure product quality is equivalent to set quality standards. With machines and technology, it also makes the production and processing process simpler and more efficient, while saving labor and labor costs with just a few buttons. In addition, it also provides farm operators with production data, real-time customer information to help them find and solve production problems, as well as improve production. products according to customer needs.

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Prominent is ProfilePrint – an artificial intelligence-based platform that can analyze green coffee characteristics such as taste, moisture and density. It works by using molecular markers in green coffee to link to the sensory properties of roasted coffee. Like a food “fingerprint”, ProfilePrint not only makes the quality assessment process simple but also generates more objective cup scores that make it easier for manufacturers to evaluate and improve consistency. and yield of each batch of coffee. Besides, thanks to this technology, small-scale producers can access information about coffee quality more easily than before.

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The technology predicts the environmental impact on coffee production


Currently, climate change is becoming unpredictable, causing many farmers to lose their crops and even cause loss of life and negatively affect the future of the entire coffee industry. Faced with that difficult situation, many new technologies to support monitoring and assessing the influence of nature on coffee production were born to help farmers manage and adjust coffee production more effectively.

One of them is weather forecasting technology and environmental impact based on mathematical models and satellite data. This technology allows to know in advance factors such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, pests, etc. affecting coffee trees, from which it is possible to choose the time to harvest, fertilize, prevent… best fit. Thanks to this technology, coffee production can be optimized and risks due to environmental changes can be reduced.

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In addition, in order to control the sustainability of the industry, experts have researched to launch satellite tracking technology that can quickly and economically assess deforestation in the coffee supply chain. cost savings. The technology is being developed by Sucafina in partnership with satellite tracking companies Trade in Space (TIS) and Global Risk Assessment Service (GRAS) to identify where deforestation is happening in the global coffee supply chain. bridge. Furthermore, the satellite can track changes in tree cover over longer periods and determine the extent of deforestation over large areas of land. Ana Cabezas, GIS & Sustainability Project Manager at GRAS, says this is a Viet Sen technology that can monitor land and forest areas to detect any changes in land use. It can reach large swaths of land and hard-to-reach areas for humans.

Robin Sampson, CEO of TIS, said the technology uses many satellites in orbit, so more data is generated every day. As a result, administrators will immediately find images of any land area from open data sources.

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Technology helps coffee production stand up to difficulties caused by climate change


Climate change is seriously threatening the specialty coffee industry. The results of a study suggest that up to half of the land currently suitable for coffee production in the world’s top coffee-growing countries could disappear within the next 30 years. Therefore, the coffee industry needs to find ways to reduce carbon emissions and find ways to cope with the complex fluctuations that can be brewed. One of the possible options that the expert mentioned is growing coffee in the laboratory. Kristine Breminer Isgren, quality control manager for Complete Coffee Limited, explains that coffee can grow more consistently in a laboratory environment because growing conditions can be controlled through technological processes. novel methods such as: Molecular methods (using different agricultural products (such as dates) to mimic the main flavor compounds found in coffee); Microbiological methods (using genetically modified bacteria to create flavor compounds); Cell methods (using coffee cells grown in bioreactors into a powder-like substance that can be brewed similarly to ground coffee). The production of coffee in the laboratory will bring benefits, such as protecting forests, saving water and reducing carbon emissions. However, Kristine Breminer Isgren says more research is needed to test and increase the commercial viability of this technology.

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It can be seen that technology is an important factor in developing a sustainable, transparent and efficient coffee industry. However, technology also brings challenges for the coffee industry. We need to monitor and assess the impact of new technologies on farmers and consumers globally. Let’s explore with 43 Factory through the next articles!

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