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Coffee beans need to be stored in the most appropriate environment so that the flavor and the taste remain intact within the fragile coffee skin. That is what the workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster try every day, to protect the integrity the Factory has found.

As diverse as types, storage conditions differ according to the characteristics of the coffee beans, the method of preparation, even the region of production and consumption. During the transportation process, coffee beans should be properly preserved and not attacked by the mold and the smell of the ocean, the smell of motor oil on ships.

Keeping the beauty and flavor intact in a coffee bean is not easy. It is a long journey of a sustainable production – supply chain.

Start from the Sustainable scientific farming to the sustainable processing, farmers keep the beauty within coffee beans intact. Thus, the coffee beans face no stress. After the sustainable trade, the coffee beans are preserved in an ideal environment.

The baristas will take care of coffee beans with love. Roasting methods and brewing methods are important issues that barista have to take into consideration. Because they could describe the origin characteristics and preserve coffee beauty. Therefore, we could tell our dear friends about the coffee origin and exchange values of coffee origin to build a sustainable ecosystem with our dear friends.

Just like everything that has developed for hundreds of years that still preserves the original cells of life, the coffee beans have to be preserved with intact properties of their origin. The original beauty has never been out of date.

Cà phê Specialty Coffee Đà Nẵng

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