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Milk base/Espresso has a strange name and yet familiar ingredients. It is seen that Milk base/Espresso will be the most trendy drink in 2020 with the beautiful characteristics it offers.

Espresso on milk base is a familiar taste, but also a brand new flavor in the menu of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

A Cappuccino or a Latte also belongs to Milk Base/Espresso. However, Cappuccino and Latte have become contemporary definitions. Thus, the ratio between milk and coffee is fixed. In other words, Cappuccino and Latte are the names for the ratio between milk and coffee – helping to create different flavor intensity.

Particularly, for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, coffee has many kinds of scrumptious beans with different flavors. And the combination of milk and coffee is plentiful. Taking the human mood, the weather, the new taste of milk, etc. into consideration, the barista could choose different combinations based on his talent and experience (Brewing coffee skill, Sensory skill and Roasting skill, etc…

Therefore, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster chose the name Milk Base / Espresso to best describe and generalize its creative space, as well as to give customers the most profound and correct understanding of this drink.

Each type of coffee will have different flavors and textures. Therefore, it is necessary to have a suitable proportion of milk and coffee to enhance a rich range of flavors and a balanced scent. Depending on the type of coffee, Barista will choose the appropriate method and proportion of milk, not traditional as Cappuccino or Latte.

Milk base and Espresso are two poles of flavor and color. With the help of the barista, customers will be the one to choose the exact color which fits their taste and emotions.

Having been served and available since the fall of 2019 and received a lot of feedback (both positive as well as the suspense from customers), Milkbase/Espresso will be the drink of 2020 thanks to its advantages and unique experience it offers.

According to many forecasts, culinary trends for 2020 will be products with clear identity (farm-to-counter). Excellent coffee beans from the motherland of coffee, as well as Barista’s talent and heart, will make this drink a trendy drink of the new year. Because Milbase/Espresso is a “trendy” drink for your emotions to sublimate.