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Detailed instructions for pour over V60


Pour over V60 coffee not only provides a sophisticated experience for sophisticated coffee enthusiasts but is also a great choice for beginners. Simple tools, easy to find, easy to prepare. With just a funnel to let coffee slowly flow through filter paper, the V60 gives people the experience of a clean, clear, and incredibly attractive cup of coffee. Join 43 Factory to discover in detail how to pour over with V60 through this article!


Full pour over V60 kit


V60 or Hario V60 is a replacement kit for traditional fabric filters when making coffee. The complete set includes a conical funnel, filter paper, scale, blender and gooseneck kettle.

Conical drip funnels are usually made of ceramic, glass, metal or plastic. The inside includes spirals and a large hole at the tip that helps air circulate easily and allows you to control the speed of the flow.

The V60 filter paper holds enough air between the paper and the dripper so that the water can flow at the ideal speed while also preventing coffee grounds from falling into the cup. There are many types of filter paper, each with different characteristics that significantly impact flavor as well as incubation time. Finto Alfresco Brewer recommends using filter paper that can retain heat well like the Cafec that XLIII Coffee is using to make the finished product more perfect. Cafec filter paper possesses a “double-sided crepe”, manufactured using “Fine-Grained” technology to help increase the paper surface area, narrow the gap between each crepe creating an even water flow by eliminating the paper texture.

The coffee scale is an indispensable part of the V60 brewing equipment set. You should choose a scale that has features to support coffee preparation, time limit, and display in grams. Weighing mode should be in small units such as grams, ounces, pounds or milliliters. Closely monitoring the scale and meticulously measuring the amount of coffee and water when brewing helps you accurately control the time and perfect mixing ratio to help the finished product be consistent.

Coffee extract will always be more flavorful and delicious if you use freshly ground coffee. Therefore, a suitable coffee grinder will make your home experience more complete. You can choose the Fellow Ode Grinder or Mahlkonig grinder, which allows you to adjust the fineness to suit many mixing methods.

Gooseneck kettles allow for higher water volume and flow rate when pouring. The small tall humidifier spout provides even, precise flow so you can navigate the pouring area more easily.


Unbeatable pour over V60 formula


Pouring over V60 is quite easy, but there still needs to be a standard formula so that the coffee flavor is harmonious and rich, not bland or harsh. You can experiment to find your own ratio. However, if you are just starting out, you can refer to XLIII Coffee’s recipe:

The ratio of water to coffee is 17:1 with 15g of coffee per 255ml of water.

Choose coffee beans from the specialty coffee collection, grind medium and use water with standard mineral content brewed from XLIII Coffee Water Tube

Here are detailed instructions for delicious, simple pour overs with V60 for beginners:

Step 1:

– Prepare and fully clean tools and ingredients according to the Pour over formula with V60 as instructed.

Step 2:

– Mix water according to XLIII Coffee Water Tube.

Step 3:

– Grind 15 grams of coffee at 800 – 1000 micrometers and pour into Dripper, shake gently to flatten the coffee powder layer.

Step 4:

– Place V60 on the scale. Fold the filter paper and place it into the V60.

– Boil water in Electric Kettle to reach 100°C. Pour water 4 times, each time 45 seconds apart with a volume of 50/50/75/80ml respectively.

– Pour water in a circular shape, avoiding the edges of the paper, stopping when weighing 255g of newspaper

Step 5 Once completed, clean the tools and wait a full 6 minutes

Step 6: Enjoy

Pha cà phê ngon hơn tại nhà

Try to pour evenly, at a steady pace and in a circular motion. This keeps the coffee grounds completely soaked without weighing down the coffee with all the water at once.

If you are looking for quality specialty coffee, stop by XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to choose the right beans for you. Also, follow the news channel to discover more about the world of coffee!

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