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Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 Specialty Coffee – Serenity sprouts from the pure origin


The famous Nueva Alianza farm in Peru produced Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 specialty coffee, harvested in November 2023. With ideal growing conditions from the soil and employing scientific production methods, the trees yield round, firm beans imbued with the purity of the wonderful delicacies from the source. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover this flavorful bean!


Unique features of Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha coffee growing area #3188


The Nueva Alianza farm team chose to cultivate Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha coffee in the Santa Teresa district, Cusco province, Peru. This area’s unique geographical location and diverse ecosystem make it stand out.

Located on the right bank of the Vilcanota River, between the Saqsara, Salkantay, and Vilkanota rivers, on the green hills of Pacpapata, the district boasts a variety of endemic animals and plants typical to the Peruvian high jungle.

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha coffee growing area #3188 is situated in one of the prime areas of Santa Teresa. The tree is grown at an altitude of 1,820 meters above sea level, with a mountain slope of about 45%. The soil is rich in sand and organic matter, with shade coverage up to 60%, creating favorable conditions for root system development and metabolism. The rich habitat, including native plants like lemons, oranges and tangerines, along with various animals and insects, contributes to the thriving environment for coffee plants.

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha coffee #3188 is cultivated by the Nueva Alianza farm team in an area at an altitude of 1,820 meters above sea level, with a mountain slope of about 45%


Process of nurturing Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha coffee beans #3188


As one of the rare high-quality lots at Nueva Alianza farm, Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 coffee is cared for according to improved production processes. The farming process is controlled from the seed selection stage, with healthy seeds carefully selected, incubated, and monitored to obtain the most potential seedlings. These seedlings are then transferred to the improved cultivation area, where organic methods and sustainable techniques are employed to care for the coffee, fully embracing the essence of the homeland’s soil.

The care process from seedling to first harvest lasts about 3 – 5 years. Farmers closely monitor every change in the fruit to harvest coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness. The harvesting process is performed manually, with multiple screenings to ensure a perfect finished product and eliminate any defects.

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 undergoes the improved washed processing method. Coffee beans were washed, peeled and removed mucous membranes before being dried. The entire process is supervised and inspected to ensure that the finished product achieves high perfection and retains its original beauty.

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha#3188 coffee is cared for according to innovative production processes that meet sustainable standards


Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 Coffee spreads the flavors of the Santa Teresa region


Capturing the delicacies of the Santa Teresa region, Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 coffee offers a unique flavor profile. With the sharp, bright acidity of passion fruit and the characteristic sweetness of orange blossom, delicate texture, Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 radiates a charm that tantalizes the senses with its clean, sharp, and very gentle features.

Anticipate a rewarding moment with a mellow, elegant coffee extract boasting notes of orange blossom and jasmine branches. Slowly savor the flexible, changing emotions with the multi-layered sweetness of passion fruit, lemongrass, and apricot. The harmonious layer of flavors permeates each sweet and fragrant spot, leaving a lasting ỉpession on the experiencer’s mind.

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha

Nueva Alianza Yellow Gesha #3188 flavor highlights the bright notes of passion fruit, orange blossom, and jasmine

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