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How to make hot white coffee simply with instant coffee?


Do you know how to make hot white coffee simply with instant coffee? white coffee is a favorite drink of many Vietnamese people with a taste that has a balance between bitter and sweet. This delicious coffee has a relatively simple recipe. Discover now with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


How to make hot white coffee simply with instant coffee?


You can try some recipes of white coffee below


How to make a simple three-tier white coffee with instant coffee


Step 1: Brew and create coffee foam

First, brew 01 sachet of instant black coffee with 30ml of hot water, stir well to dissolve and then let it cool. After the coffee cools, you put it in a plastic bottle, close the lid tightly.

Then shake vigorously along the length of the bottle until the coffee is bubbly, almost completely foamy.

Step 2: Make white coffee

Prepare 1 glass in advance, put ice in 1/3 of the glass. Pour in 30g of condensed milk, then pour in 100ml of unsweetened or low-sugar fresh milk. Put the freshly shaken coffee layer on top and you’re done.

So with just 2 simple steps, you have made a delicious 3-tiered white coffee cup. If you like to drink hot white coffee custard, skip the step of adding ice to the glass.

white coffee


Recipe for making white coffee from filter coffee


In addition to how to make white coffee from instant coffee, 43 Factory introduces you to another simple white coffee recipe from filter coffee.

Step 1: Make coffee

Rinse the coffee filter with hot water and then scoop 20 grams of coffee into the filter. Put about 20ml of hot water on the coffee surface, close the lid and brew for 2-3 minutes.

After 2-3 minutes, open the lid and put 30ml of hot water into the filter and wait for the coffee to drip out.

Step 2: Make hot white coffee

Pour into a glass of 40ml of condensed milk, then add 30ml of boiling water to dilute the milk, then stir well.

Pour the stirred mixture into the glass. Next, we put 30ml of coffee into the cup we just poured milk into. So finished a simple cup of hot white coffee without milk.


How to make delicious 4-tier white coffee at home?


Step 1: Make coffee

Use warm water to rinse the filter to clean it. Put about 25 grams of coffee in the filter and shake well.

Place the filter on the cup and pour evenly over the coffee surface about 30ml of water. After 2-3 minutes of incubation, open the lid and put 50ml of boiling water in the filter and wait.

Step 2: Make a 4-tier white coffee

You can prepare 4 floors as follows:

Level 1: Put 5ml of condensed milk into a glass

Level 2: Mix 30ml of fresh milk with 2 teaspoons of sugar and pour into a glass

3rd floor: Put coffee in a cup

Level 4: Put 30ml of coffee into the bottle and shake well for 30 seconds to create foam. Finally, put the fine foamed coffee into the cup.

With just a few quick steps, you have a 4-tier white coffee cup that is both beautiful and delicious.

bạc xỉu


How is white coffee different from milk coffee?


Both are a combination of coffee and milk, so many people often confuse white coffee with milk coffee. The basic difference between coffee and Bac Xiu is the coffee-milk ratio. Specifically:

A cup of filtered milk coffee often sees each drop of black coffee slowly pass through a metal filter that is placed above the glass and contains 1/5 – 1/4 of the amount of condensed milk.

White coffee, on the other hand, contains more milk, usually 1/3 of the amount of condensed milk.

Therefore, the taste between these two drinks is also quite different. When drinking milk coffee, you still feel the bitter taste of coffee, but when it comes to white coffee, the bitterness is much softer, fragrant and sweet with the smell of milk.

Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to enjoy the taste of sweet and healthy milk coffee!



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