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Beauty-by-nature is the most precious flavor. Tasting coffee, tasting its origin, are you sure you have tried it every day?

Only Black & White coffee can take your taste buds to the journey of finding origin.

Black coffee is the youth – instinct, wild and hard. Through Shot and Filter, the coffee beans shine the way they attract the spotlight. With its fast extraction and low ratio, the Shot method delivers a rich and powerful regional experience like when your heart beats on the path of passion. With Filter, our dear friends will walk around in the forest and savor a very clear taste like how we make dreams come true, patiently.

Our dear friend, you will experience the maturity with White Coffee again. With the overwhelming new flavors, coffee still shines and stands out with its existing properties. Combined with the different types of milk in the flavor of Milkbase, the coffee adapts and maximizes the flavor because it takes on the task of transmitting value from farmers to the world.

What do you think when a lemon-flavored Heirloom Chire Samii, after combining with Oat Base, becomes a Lemon Gelato. It was a Big Bang explosion that created a strong and distinctive flavor.

That is the perfect coffee bean! Taste – Find the Origin.

Cà phê rang xay nguyên chất ở Đà Nẵng

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