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The story of ecologically and ethically sustainable coffee production has always been a concern of the Specialty coffee industry. Is transparency the shortest path to a more just world? And why is coffee openly and transparently a bright light that illuminates that path?


As the saying goes, coffee is a business of pretty pictures and harsh realities.In the coffee world, honestly, the most critical person in the entire chain is not the dealer, roaster or barista. That is, the coffee farmers. They work and secure the heaviest profession, while they are often left behind with the lowest income. That gradually affects the supply chain and causes price reversals in the market.

Nỗi trăn trở và trách nhiệm tính công khai, minh bạch của cà phê

Simply put, the coffee growers were not making enough money from their quality produce. Causing the consequences of an unfair and unsustainable supply chain.

More and more actors in the coffee industry are realizing that the only way to ensure the production of Specialty coffee is to increase its sustainability up the value chain. And finally, sustainability in the coffee industry must begin with the fact that producers have a living income. If manufacturers cannot make enough money from work, they are forced to cut corners of sustainable production or leave the industry altogether.

Many industry leaders have also come up with a thought-provoking solution to increase transparency in the coffee chain. And various parties have taken separate approaches to preserving transparency. Creating a community with the ultimate goal of ensuring sustainable prices are paid to the Specialty coffee production chain.


When you purchase publicly sourced coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, you will be provided with information about the farm, the farmer, the producer and the characteristics of the coffee species through the coffee tag. Original coffee with an explicit origin creates the necessary brand trust for customers. Every cup of Specialty coffee you enjoy will be supported by dedicated baristas, answering questions and telling exciting stories about them. Because the workshop understands that, with that information, you will realize the value of the farm, appreciate the rigorous process that has helped it come to you in the most perfect way.

Over the past decade, we have seen the Specialty coffee industry grow and develop actively. New economic opportunities have been created for some producers, as more and more consumers begin to appreciate Specialty coffee as a differentiated and superior product in terms of quality.

Nỗi trăn trở và trách nhiệm tính công khai, minh bạch của cà phê

These positive changes have no small incentive to ensure that producers are paid fairly and profitably for their coffee. Thereby forming a better future for those who are making constant efforts in the Specialty coffee industry.

Transparency thus becomes one of the core values ​​in our orientation, aiming to be a coffee shop that raises the standards of the Vietnamese coffee industry. Because Specialty coffee shops and high-quality coffee enthusiasts understand the importance of original coffee. And that community always wants to be able to share this experience with its customers.

Coming to the Workshop, a cup of coffee you enjoy is not just a drink. It is also the deep connection of the drinker with the people who have worked hard to create a good cup of coffee. Understanding the origin of each coffee bean is supporting coffee openly and transparently in the movement of a growing community. This not only promotes the supply chain economy, but also contributes to valuable core spiritual values.

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