At an altitude of 1850 – 2100m above sea level, coffee farmers daily take care of the beans called Reko Washing Station – Yirgacheffe.

They carry aromas of peaches, jasmine, and red currant. Reko Station coffee beans’ varieties are Kurume and Mixed Heirloom.Reko Station washing station is named after Reko-Mountain, a tall and skinny mountain that towers above the hills of Kochere. Reko, translated in Afaan Oromo, means challenge. It refers to the challenge of climbing Reko-mountain. Founders adopted the name and its symbolic value. It is their challenge to cultivate the best Yirgacheffe coffee.

The harvest season lasts from late October to mid-January of the following year. Farmers bring their berry red beans to the washing station. After being washed by the water of a nearby river, the mucilage of the coffee bean is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts for 36 – 48 hours, depending on weather conditions. The coffee is then dried for 10 – 12 days.

The reputation of the workshop is not only due to the finest beans, but also thanks to the expertise and responsibilities of the workers there.

Beans from the altitude of 2000 masl, Let’s try a sip!