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Specialty coffee in the eyes of the people who enjoy it has become an art with a lot of passion and desire to discover. Performing that art when discovering the taste of coffee with the Filter method, we are pushing what is quintessential to a new level.


The Specialty coffee industry has grown with a third wave in the past two decades. Coffee quality has become central to those involved in the supply chain from cultivation, production, roasting, and brewing. In particular, filter coffee (or filter coffee) holds an essential soul of the unique taste and quality experience from excellent Arabica beans.

The “filter” to enjoy Specialty Coffee is now apart from the idyllic filter typical of Vietnamese coffee culture. It is also a collection of creativity and exploration to discover crafting with a cloth or paper filter. In particular, coffee brewed with a paper filter will be more transparent and lighter because the deposits have been trapped on top in a way that the metal set is challenging to deal with.

As the water passes through the coffee grounds in the filter, it extracts the flavor compounds dissolved in the individual beans. Produces a fresh, pure flow in a light bar; the coffee brewed by this method is smooth and delicate in texture, in contrast to the boldness of the Shot method. It is bringing a long-lasting sweetness, located somewhere between the boundaries of coffee and tea.

What’s more, this method allows many baristas to try out new recipes. Create unique “variations” when innovating the grinding process, incubation time, water temperature, or volume. And you, the person enjoying it, will feel like entering a journey of endless experience.

Brewing a filter for original coffee is the perfect way to experience all the subtle flavors of high-quality sourced coffee. It can be the clear, pure sweetness of Colombian coffee. Or the deep fruity flavors of Ethiopia according to the natural process. These differences make it exciting and poetic to enjoy Specialty coffee.


The filter method for Specialty coffee looks simple, but it is not. It’s basic in form but packed with a depth of flavor inside.

Can you imagine! Sit under the cool green trees of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, on a sunny afternoon, and slowly enjoy a cup of the sweet filter. There, the beauty of afternoon tea seems to be painted by a cup of coffee. The flavor spread in the subconscious is not bitter but only clear. Drinks are not fussy through many turns of brewing or adding water. Just enjoy, with all the deposition between space and time.

The filter is an interesting choice for the first-time passerby to lead us on a new journey full of sophistication and softness.

For the customer who needs a workspace, the filter is gentle and calm, helping to smooth the flow of thoughts to make a well-thought-out decision.

For the girlfriend who comes to study for the exam, the filter is quiet and calm, pouring each line and number into memory.

The clear filter reflects the sparkling light on a sunny day, and the heart is suddenly throbbing. The soft filter cup soothes the soul-soaked in endless memories on a rainy day.

Happy day, order filter coffee to stop every joyful moment before your eyes. Sad day, call filter coffee to chat and listen to the whisper of a soulmate.

Discover the taste of coffee with the Filter method, the door that takes you to deep and quiet emotions. There, we not only enjoy the smooth texture of Specialty coffee but also empathize with ourselves.

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