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Con Dao safety – Is traveling to Con Dao safe?


Con Dao is an archipelago located off the coast of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, known for its vast, pristine natural landscapes with minimal human footprint. The azure sea, white sands, and fresh air have attracted those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Amidst the surge in healing tourism, many wonder whether traveling to Con Dao is safe and how to truly experience a “healing journey.” Let’s explore the answers with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in this article!


About Con Dao – A Destination Detached from the City


Con Dao is an archipelago located offshore in the South of Vietnam, belonging to Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. It is approximately 97 nautical miles away from Vung Tau city by sea. However, the nearest point to Con Dao on the mainland is Vinh Hai commune, Soc Trang province, which is about 40 nautical miles away (equivalent to over 70km).

The total land area of the Con Dao archipelago is 76 km², consisting of 16 different-sized islands. The largest island is Con Son Island, covering an area of up to 51.52 km². According to statistics from 2014, the population here is approximately 8,360 people with relatively low population density. This is one of the reasons why this place boasts magnificent natural landscapes. Additionally, Con Dao is an important ecological conservation area in Vietnam and a focal point for the development of tourism in the country.


Con Dao resembles a bear stretching into the East Sea. With predominantly hilly terrain, it benefits from granite ranges running from the southwest to the northeast, providing shelter for the island’s bays from storms or strong winds. The highest point in Con Dao is the summit of Mount Thanh Gia on Con Son Island, reaching 577m in height.


The climate here exhibits typical tropical monsoon characteristics, divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November, while the dry season spans from December to April of the following year.


According to statistics, there are up to 882 species of high-level forest plants, 1,383 marine species, and 144 species of forest animals. Con Dao is not only known as the area with the highest number of sea turtles in Vietnam but also the only place in Vietnam where a population of sea cows still exists, living inseparably from the sea grass beds here.

Infrastructure in Con Dao

Currently, Con Dao not only has electricity but also enjoys good mobile phone coverage. With four mobile phone networks including Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel Telecom, and Vietnamobile, residents here have access to a new way of life.

In 2011, the airline Air Mekong officially announced the opening of flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao, bringing tremendous tourism potential to the island.


Diverse entertainment and sightseeing spots in Con Dao


You can find plenty of interesting and meaningful things to do in Con Dao, from breathtaking natural beauty, challenging trekking trails to historical landmarks of the once-infamous place known as “hell on earth.”

Con Dao safety - Is traveling to Con Dao safe?

Con Dao opens up vivid scenes of nature for tourists

Dam Trau Beach: This beach is located near Co Ong Airport and features soft, white sand, with the sea surrounded by a crescent-shaped mountain range, providing a tranquil space with gentle waves. According to reviews from vacationers in Con Dao, this is the most beautiful beach.

Lo Voi Beach, situated along Ton Duc Thang street, is suitable for families or large groups to visit.

An Hai Beach is just a 10-minute walk from the town center, surrounded by mountains, resulting in calm and clear waters.

Dat Doc Beach, with its narrow mountain alleys leading to beautiful and peaceful small beaches, attracts many tourists for leisure and sightseeing.

Bay Canh Island: This is the second-largest island among the 16 islands of the Con Dao archipelago. Visitors can reach here by boat. The special feature of this place is its pristine and romantic tropical rainforest covering the entire island. Besides enjoying nature here, you can also admire the beautiful and fascinating coral reefs. If you visit during the right season, you can witness turtle egg-laying and releasing baby turtles into the sea.

Ong Dung Primeval Forest: From Con Dao, tourists can trek westward for 20 minutes to experience the fascinating Ong Dung primeval forest. Admiring the pristine tropical trees leading to the beautiful beach at the end of the forest will be an exciting experience for visitors.

Dam Tre Bay, located in the northern part of the island, is sheltered from the wind, surrounded by mangrove forests, and is a nesting place for swallows during the breeding season, along with many other marine species. Along the way, tourists can stop and admire or swim at Lo Voi Beach, Dat Doc Beach, Chim Chim Cape, Northeast Bay…

Tau Be Cape is located on the unique road from the airport to the town, surrounded by upright rocks forming a crescent embracing the sea. This place is known for its adventurous “instagrammable” photo spots and is also considered the best place to admire the sunrise in Con Dao.

Of course, if you have visited Con Dao, don’t forget to visit historical sites to learn more about the great sacrifices of our ancestors and the pains left by the war.

– Hang Duong Cemetery: The resting place of more than 2000 martyrs, including the tomb of Vo Thi Sau, is an indispensable stop for tourists to show their respect to the Vietnamese heroes who sacrificed for the country.

– Phu Son and Phu Hai Con Dao prisons: These were the places where communist prisoners were held during the French and American colonial periods.

Con Dao safety - Is traveling to Con Dao safe?

Not only does Con Dao preserve the pristine beauty of nature, but it also engraves the painful years of the nation

– Tiger Cages Monument: Here, tourists can learn about the life and cruel torture methods of the invaders. It is also the place where Ms. Vo Thi Sau was imprisoned.

– Con Dao Museum: According to locals, it used to be the residence and workplace of the island lords. Visitors to the museum can admire artifacts, antiques, images, and documents from the French colonial period that are still preserved today.

– Bridge 914 is a historical witness to the hard labor and sacrifice of many soldiers. Nowadays, tourists visit Bridge 914 to make offerings, sightsee, fish, enjoy the scenery, and take photos of the sunrise.

– Ma Thiên Lanh Bridge was built in 1930 by the French who forced prisoners to build it manually on a high mountain to exploit timber and stone for the construction of prisons, offices, etc.

Additionally, if you believe in the spiritual world, you can visit:

– Nui Mot Pagoda, located in the town center, is considered the most beautifully feng shui temple in Vietnam today. This temple was inaugurated in 2011 on a mountain, offering a magnificent view of the sea, mountains, city, and An Hai lotus lake.

– Phi Yen Temple (An Son Temple): According to records, Phi Yen was known as the wife of King Nguyen Anh, the mother of Prince Cai. Due to being exploited by villains and overwhelmed with resentment, she committed suicide at the young age of 25. Here, you should visit the temple and the tomb of Prince Cai near Co Ong Airport.


When is the best time to travel to Con Dao?


The best time to explore Con Dao is from March to September when the sea is calm, and there are gentle winds on the eastern and northeastern islands. You can visit distant islands during the day, where the golden sunshine and blue skies are perfect for diving and photography. In the afternoon, when it rains, it is suitable to visit sheltered historical sites on the main island.

From October to March of the following year is the windy season, with large waves in Con Son Gulf. However, the western and southwestern seas of the main island are still calm and rain-free, so tourists can redirect their visits to this area with equally beautiful natural landscapes.


Is Con Dao safe?


With the rapid development of tourism, the issue of safety in Con Dao has become more important and urgent. A large number of tourists from both domestic and international locations pose a risk to stability and affect security and order, creating difficulties in the management work of state agencies. The Con Dao district police have established special task forces to ensure security in important areas, prevent activities that exploit the situation of crowded tourists.

The authorities have implemented effective propaganda measures, mobilizing the public in protection, prevention, and combating crime. In addition, they have enhanced the monitoring of local situations, contacted residents to proactively install security cameras in areas, households, and businesses to exchange information with the police about criminals for timely handling. They also collaborate with airports and ports to promptly prevent individuals from fleeing the area.

Officers and soldiers of the Con Dao district police closely monitor the area, review tourist service businesses, and accommodation facilities to proactively advise the district People’s Committee, propose solutions to remove difficulties and ensure the rights of workers and tourists.


How to travel to Con Dao?


To get to Con Dao, the fastest means of transportation is by plane. Flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho to Con Dao have been operated to serve tourists. From Con Dao Airport to the town center is about 15 km, where you can take a motorbike, taxi, or resort shuttle.

In addition, people often choose to travel by car to Vung Tau and then continue by boat for 5 hours to Con Dao. A shorter route is to take a boat from Tran De port (Soc Trang) directly to the island, which only takes 2 hours, reducing more than half of the time compared to starting from Vung Tau.

On the island, you can travel by taxi, rent a car, or use the hotel’s motorbike rental services.


Where to stay in Con Dao?


Depending on preferences and economic conditions, you can choose homestays, resorts, hotels, or budget guesthouses. Con Dao tourism is developing, so the accommodation models are diverse, serving many different segments of tourists. Luxury resorts are still few, but among them is the five-star Six Senses Resort, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once stayed during their vacation in 2011.


Medical Center in Con Dao


The Con Dao Military and Civilian Medical Center was established in 2005 and has been continuously invested in and expanded in scale and quality to ensure safety and health for both locals and visiting tourists.

– Address: Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 5 – Con Dao Town – Con Dao District – Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

The News has provided readers with information about tourism in Con Dao, safety in Con Dao tourism to help everyone feel more secure about their travels and discoveries. Hopefully, this article will help you understand more.

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