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Roasted Coffee: Traditional but not boring

Roasted coffee is a familiar drink for many generations, experiencing many ups and downs in history, connecting the Vietnamese soul.


Vietnamese Coffee Culture


In the old days, people drank coffee very simply, sometimes making coffee at home, sometimes going to the shop to order a cup of filter coffee.

Each region has a different way of enjoying coffee, Hanoians have a cup of coffee brewed in a tight filter. The sidewalk is the perfect place for a morning coffee. Saigon is more bustling.


Roasted Coffee becomes familiar in life


Coffee is almost always present in life. Coffee is a drink that meets the needs of the times. Roasted and ground coffee is the most popular among Vietnamese people with its delicious, rich, and blendable flavor. Conquer foreign visitors to this S-land. Now, not only in terms of internal quality, coffee cups are also focused on external beauty.


Roasted coffee in 43 Factory Coffee Roaster


We make it possible for customers to observe the entire production process of dedicated coffee beans by workers at the factory.

Not only enjoying, customers can feel the deep value that this drink brings. You will hear stories about the origin of many famous coffee beans in the world. Through the process of distillation, carefully selected coffee beans are roasted by professional coffee roasters. With extensive knowledge, the worker produces a batch of coffee with excellent quality. Coffee after roasting turns to puree, not mixed, not mixed.

In addition to bartending, they bring customers new experiences that inspire. There are stories around coffee like how they are made,…

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