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Coffee Bean Use high quality coffee beans roasted Extremely Light. Degas time from 2 months to 6 months
Milk Use high quality dairy milk
Water Use water meeting standard mineral criteria made from 43 Factory Water Tube
Coffee Machine Recommend La Marzocco Linea – Possesses the ability to adjust free pressure during mixing
Grinder Recommend E80 Supreme – own Flat Burr with large surface, super fast grinding speed
Filter Basket Recommend type 15gr – only used by VST
Distribution Tool Recommend BT Wedge Distribution Tool – use the type with the center top with diameter of 58.5mm
Tamper Recommend Q2 – use flat type with a diameter of 58.5mm


Use dairy milk pasteurized with 90ml, steam milk at 65 degrees Celsius


You should use water temperature around 94°C, 4:1 ratio of water to coffee, dose: 15 gr


Mix 43 Factory Water Tube with distilled or RO water, connect with coffee machine


Make sure Portafilter is clean and warm


Grind 15g of coffee with grind size is 100 micrometer. Add the coffee grounds to Filter Basket

Adjust the BT Wedge Distribution Tool to the deepest level for distribution, repeat quickly turn

Then use Q2 with 10kg compression


Start your shot. Ratio 1:4. Extracted directly into the cup of dairy milk

Stop pouring when the scales read 60gr – the whole process should take around 10 seconds.



Drink and enjoy

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