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The method of making coffee by V60 Hand Brewing is the art of magic calculations. For the last moment, 43 Factory gives you a flavored coffee, which offers a harmonious combination of human beings and nature.

V60 Hand Brewing along with other unique methods of brewing coffee is the symbolic image of a new sustainable coffee revolution of the world – the third wave of coffee. This method is classical and simple, yet still needs precision in the amount of coffee, the preparation steps, and the bartender’s techniques.

V60 is “V” shaped with angles of 60 angles. It comes in ceramic, plastic, glass and metal styles, offering a solution for any budget or purpose. There are spiral rails and a large hole in the center inside the funnel. The name V60 comes from vector 60, 60-degree angle of its cone. In math, we have a parabolic function y = x2 funnel-shaped, which is the shape of V60.

V60 Hand Brewing belongs to Pour Over (Drip Brewed Coffee) methods, which require the decisiveness and evenness of Barista when pouring water to the coffee powder. The filter paper is well placed in the V60 tool space. Barista chooses the appropriate roaster profile. For the V60 Hand Brewing method,  Medium-fine is the right level for roasting. The temperature of the water you need to feel exactly is about 91 – 96 ° C.

When the coffee powder lay still and ready for a transformation, the barista regulates and controls the amount of water that goes evenly over it. High-temperature water will pass through coffee and filter paper through gravity. The spiral lines in the V60 body create a gap between the filter paper and the funnel wall, from which the coffee swells out to the maximum while CO2 is released through the channels. The initial hot water flow follows gravity easily downwards.

When using V60 to make coffee, Barista can flexibly adjust the taste of coffee by controlling the pure water flow and quality. Speed ​​and intensity are two factors to take into consideration. If the water flow goes slowly with the small flow, the Body (one of the Sensory scoring factors) will be thicker, and we have a clear aroma. In contrast, the taste can be dark and bitter if the pouring process lasts longer. If the Baristas, shorten the time, the Body is thinner and we have a more gentle taste.

From a vector calculation, the V60 brings out a variety of deep and light flavors – a combination of human beings and nature.