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Aroma – The charm of the original coffee

We drink coffee to enjoy its unique and charming aromas. What is Aroma? How is the magic of the original scent?

What is Aroma?


How do you know about Aroma? Aroma, a term derived from the Late Latin word arōmata, or from ancient Greek ἄρωμα, both meaning spice or aroma. Aroma is used to define smell, pleasant scent – one of those things that you want to smell and enjoy its presence. The scents always had a gravity that was hard to put into words, but incredibly intense. 


What is the Aroma of coffee?


Aroma đặc tả sự tinh tế của nốt hương cà phê Specialty

The aroma in coffee is not just pleasant, it consists of many flavors mixed that are influenced by many factors such as: degree of roasting, taste, strength, etc,..many people prefer original coffee to other coffee because of its taste. According to the SCA, Coffee has its own flavor circle of all the different flavorings and scents. I can tell you some aromas in this circle, they are fruit flavor, sweet, bitter, chocolate, spicy,…All of these aromas contribute to the experiences that we get when drinking our favorite coffee. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s coffee has a great aroma. This is an intense aroma with fruity taste, flower’s scent and pure sweetness. During the coffee bloom, the wet aroma blends into the light smoke creating a wonderful blend. 


The nuances of aroma in coffee


The aroma in coffee analysis includes: 

– Complexity: This criterion is to evaluate the combination of fragrances. Usually, in coffee, you get good complexity by blending different origins and assessing the degree of roasting. 

– Intensity:  It evaluates the Aroma emitted by coffee. Depending on the level of the intensity scale, the feeling and ability to guess the “name of incense” is adjusted from easy to difficult. 

– Smoothness: The original Specialty coffee can be characterized by the characteristic flavor shades of flowers, fruits, spices and countless other flavors. In Specialty coffee, you can easily find the presence of distinct and pure aromas. 

– Perfume retention: It is the aroma of coffee that remains on the palate or throat. With each passing minute, the aromas are constantly changing, the sweetness is rounded, the sourness is more vibrant and the scent fills the nose. 

– Quantity: it’s all the fragrances and their intensity 

– Quality: It’s a consideration of the fineness, variety, complexity, and cleanliness of the fragrance or any defect affecting our sense of smell. 

Hương thơm của cà phê cũng cần được nhận biết quan trọng không kém mùi vị khi cupping

Aroma of coffee


What does Aroma mean to you?


The fragrance is processed in our mind through two different senses, nose and taste. It is called the postnasal olfactory response, in this process, aromas are processed first through the taste buds, and only later by the olfactory system. First, we drink a cup of coffee and enjoy its taste, then the aroma will be transmitted to the smell receptors, creating a full aromatic effect. 

Thưởng thức cà phê đúng nghĩa bằng sự nắm bắt chuẩn xác các nốt hương thi vị

Fragrances don’t just apply to coffee, they exist in most everyday life events. They can also affect your mood! When we enter a restaurant, there are aromas wafting through the air. We will want to eat there and experience those aromas more personally. On the way to work, we become more and more familiar with the scent of that journey. Although you may not realize it, they are always there. Even as we walk through the park, we begin to have sensory experiences from nature around us. 

Wherever you go, there are certain fragrances that define what the place is. These scents are reminiscent of the sensory experiences we’ve had in these particular places, reminding us of the contacts we’ve had. Therefore, invisible things that do not seem to exist have a great impact on each person’s consciousness. 

Keep your aroma experiences in mind when enjoying coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Not paying attention to what coffee smells like is one of the most common mistakes people make when they’re trying to improve their taste. Our taste buds have a lot to do with our sense of smell, and almost all complex and interesting flavors are related to the aroma of coffee. 

Taking the time to appreciate the subtleties of coffee aromas is one of the most challenging – but also most rewarding – steps to achieving the right sensation. If you want to become a sophisticated coffee drinker, don’t miss the aroma!

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