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The great benefits of Sourdough Whole Wheat bread maybe you do not know

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has brought to customers bread with completely healthy nutrient content. That is the Sourdough Whole Wheat bread. Let’s learn about the benefit of Sourdough Whole Wheat bread!


Sourdough Whole Wheat bread


Sourdough Whole Wheat is a bread with a distinctive flavor and high nutrient content.

Bánh mì Sourdough Whole Wheat tại Đà Nẵng

Sourdough is bread made from yeast and bacteria present in the dough. Whole Wheat is a powder that is milled from the whole wheat kernel without removing the husk. Sourdough Whole Wheat bread can be understood as naturally fermented whole wheat bread.

It is the natural fermentation process of flour and water that creates a special taste for bread. Not sweet or salty, Sourdough bread has a characteristic mild sour taste, rich flavor, delicious. Moreover, the whole wheat flour ingredient still retains the bran and embryo layers, giving the cake a thick, crispy crust. The soft and moistness inside will definitely give you a different taste of bread.


Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread Ingredients


– Bread flour (BF): flour used to make bread number 13

– Whole wheat flour (WW): whole wheat flour

– Sourdough Starter (SD starter): Sourdough yeast

– Salt (S): 

– Water (W): 

– Honey

You also have to know the techniques in each stage of baking. To create a standard sourdough bread, with a characteristic flavor, the fermentation stage plays an important role. The flour and water mixture needs a certain amount of time to create a good environment for yeast growth.

Bread will undergo two times of fermentation: the first time from the beginning, adding levain, adding salt, honey, seeds, dried fruit… kneading until finished shaping; the second time, the dough is placed at room temperature or incubated in the refrigerator to ferment sufficiently before baking. It is thanks to the action of beneficial bacteria in the slow fermentation process that the bread has High nutritional value and good for health.

Làm bánh mì Sourdough Whole Wheat tại Đà Nẵng


Notes when making Sourdough Whole Wheat bread


First, to make the kneading process easy without sticking to your hands, you should mix whole wheat flour with white flour. The combination of whole wheat flour and white flour also helps the cake not to be dry and still retain its delicious and nutritious taste.

Second, whole wheat flour is milled from whole wheat, so its high fat content is prone to mold and sourness. Therefore, you need to store this powder inside the refrigerator.

Third, making a bread with a standard glaze by hand will be more sophisticated than other cakes. Therefore, you need to consult the correct information or learn from people with professional baking skills.

Bánh mì Sourdough Whole Wheat tại Đà Nẵng


Nutritional benefits of Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread


Thanks to the content of bacteria and fungi fermenting during processing, this bread helps build a strong digestive system, preventing colon cancer. In addition, the nutrients present in the bread will completely eliminate the amount of phytic acid. Therefore, the body can absorb all the nutrients in cereals, limiting many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis …Bánh mì Sourdough Whole Wheat tại Đà Nẵng

At the same time, whole wheat flour in bread brings high fiber content, does not produce much acid in the blood. Most importantly, the body is not exposed to chemicals during the bleaching process like using ordinary bread.

In particular, Sourdough Whole Wheat bread is a good assistant for weight control and dieting. Bread provides many nutrients, so it helps the body control insulin levels, temporarily stop digesting fat and focus on nutrient consumption, preventing fat from sticking around the abdominal wall. And a miracle is that when enjoying Sourdough Whole Wheat bread, you will always stay full for a long time and have no cravings.


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