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With the target to expand the scale, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster seeks personnel suitable for the mission and vision of us.

Position Worker

Recruitment Time Always


Basic Salary 10.000.000 VNĐ

Insurance According to current regulations

Tet Bonus Based on job performance


Working days per month 26 days/month – under coordination

Working hours per day 8,5 hours/day

Holiday Provisions of law on labor

Paid leave 12 days/year


You will

– Deliver exceptional hospitality to our guests, your coworkers, and all of our vendors and suppliers.

– Prepare and serve a variety of delicious beverages using a variety of different brewing and preparation methods, including but not limited to Shot, Filter, and Cold brew; 

– Quickly prepare and serve delicious food, including Prepare, serve and clean up;

– Maintain knowledge  about 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s current beverage and food offerings and preparation techniques; continuously cultivating your own curiosity and knowledge through tastings, cuppings, and learning information provided by related departments;

– Make delicious products, following specified recipes and methods to ensure that the finished product is constantly fresh;

– Regularly enjoy coffee and food with colleagues at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to verify quality, maintain standards and continue to develop their own capabilities;

– Enjoy happy working moments and don’t forget to complete tasks in the shift. Outside of working hours, you need and should have exchanges and connections with colleagues such as learning, learning more about coffee,…;

– Support colleagues in operating the Workshop effectively and efficiently. These tasks may vary but can include cleaning, clearing and washing dishes, sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning and organizing condiment stations, taking out the trash, and some other tasks no other name;

– Ensure equipment and working tools are always clean and in their original position after finishing;

– Uphold and follow all health, food safety, and safety guidelines. Maintain cleanliness while preparing dishes;

– On-time, ready for the shift, and consistently productive;

– Always follow the FIFO rule (first in, first out) and store food correctly;

– Collaborate with related departments to track inventory to ensure accuracy and availability.

You are

– Desire to work at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster from 1 year of working or more

– Passion for coffee, food, and the desire to provide inclusive service experiences 

– Understand the value of each cup of coffee that we wish to provide to our clients 

– Professional – you are eager and committed to your career, and you do not prioritize personal objectives above corporate aims 

– Reliable and consistent – you provide a good example for bosses to follow and coworkers to learn and collaborate 

– Devoted to coworkers and customers – you understand and value empathy in all relationships, both on and off the job 

– You are at least 18 years old.

You need

– Responsibility

– High self-awareness

– Flexible working schedule

– Fundamental math and computer skills

– English communication skills

– Communication and transmit skills

You have

– Visibility – you need to be aware of shift operations, customers requiring assistance, and areas to be cleaned if needed

– Ability to hear and speak – you need to listen carefully, have honest conversations to support and deliver the correct content, guide and create experiences

– Ability to stand and walk for long periods. You’re on your feet the majority of the day

– Use of hands to reach, grip, turn and perform precision work. You’re using your hands to operate beautiful espresso machines, pour delicious pour-overs, and wash some fragile glasses (among other responsibilities) 

– Flexibility – sometimes you need to squat, bend, twist and stretch to reach for a towel or reach up to place a cup

– Ability to lift, push, pull or move objects weighing up to 50kg – you may have to deal with bags of green coffee, containers of roasted coffee, other machinery

– Balance – you need to move upstairs, steep slopes, or uneven surfaces, stand on ladders to clean glass or prune branches

– Ability to smell and taste – you need to control the quality of the product served by tasting and smelling the coffee or food

– Ability to control emotions and control behavior – you will encounter many difficult situations with customers, colleagues, and superiors; sometimes, it will make you want to give up or break something



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