43 FACTORY is not an industrial coffee shop, producing common flavor. We produce true values dedicating to the coffee industry. We proudly record these values in the hearts of our bartenders, in the mind of our waitress, in coffee beans from hundreds of farmers all around the world and send them to your life. 43 FACTORY also provides you with a comprehensive overview of coffee quality of the world in order to be honest with the true value that we pursue, therefore promoting Vietnamese coffee industry.

In every cup of coffee, 43 FACTORY expects our dear friends to find out your unique value, as well as fully understand what we are working for. 43 FACTORY wrote this story, not for an individual or a team. We sincerely foster the precious value of coffee beans as well as that of the coffee industry. We hope that with you, we all can create the convergence point of coffee values and spread true values. Because…

…. True values are things that deserve to be cherished and remembered…

43 Factory always remember




43 FACTORY products are now fasscinating coffee addicts around the globe, impressing famous barista and moving boundaries in the coffee world. Join us!