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White coffee – Irresistible attraction with extremely high caffeine content


White coffee is basically a type of coffee that is roasted to a super light level, giving the beans a color similar to white. Using a very light roasting method, the coffee beans clearly highlight their original characteristics such as acidity, caffeine and other compounds. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover the wonderful things about this type of coffee!


How to make white coffee


White coffee is said to originate from the cradle of ultra-light roast coffee – Yemen. Here coffee is often roasted in a pan combined with grains or spices. White coffees in Yemen, after roasting, can be prepared with hawaij (a spice mixture including some types of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, mace, cloves, nutmeg,…).

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Attractive white coffee flavor thanks to high caffeine content


Many coffee manufacturers say white coffee has a very high caffeine content. It can be at least 50% more than regular coffee. For people who love caffeine, this is the special point that creates the undeniable appeal of white coffee. But this is still controversial. Because there is no official research determining the specific caffeine content in white coffee. Furthermore, based on science, caffeine content only decreases by about 5% from unroasted beans to dark roasted coffee. So the distance that roasters give is somewhat exaggerated. However, almost no one denies the appeal of white coffee with its aromatic layers of herbal flavors, light and relaxing.

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The health value of white coffee


With an ultra-light roast, white coffee is said to be able to retain more of the nutrients and beneficial chlorogenic acid of coffee than other roasted versions. Abundant amounts of chlorogenic acid have anti-inflammatory effects, stimulate the production of dopamine in brain cells, reduce anxiety, reduce blood sugar, inhibit Acetycholinesterase and improve memory. White coffee is also considered lower in acid and is said to be easier to digest. But the manufacturers also note that because they are not really popular, these uses do not have many authentic studies. Therefore, if you are interested in the health aspect of daily drinks and want to drink them to improve your body, you can switch to other types.

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