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What is Sidra Coffee?


What is Sidra Coffee? Sidra is not a famous coffee like Gesha, but it is gradually proving its appeal through significant competition.


Origin of Sidra coffee


Sidra is little known, so the amount of information about this coffee is not much. There are sources that Sidra coffee originated in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador. It is also widely suggested that Sidra originated from a Nestlé coffee breeder in the region, which developed hybrids using Ethiopian and Bourbon varieties.

Don Olger was the first to introduce it to the Ecuadorian coffee industry.

cà phê sidra


Features of Sidra coffee


Sidra trees have exceptionally thick stems and can grow up to four meters tall. They produce dark green leaves and have elongated five-petaled flowers, with cherries growing densely along its branches. The cherries are also larger and rounder than other pointed arabica varieties. Seeds of the Sidra variety are generally longer and thinner than most arabica varieties – similar to Gesha.

Sidra needs shade to grow successfully. Therefore, farmers cannot grow it in a sunny environment.

How was Sidra coffee formed? Experts did a lot of research to find out how to create Sidra.

Many believe that the sidra is one of the “unreleased” varieties developed by Nestlé.

what is sidra coffee

Initially, it was reported that Sidra was produced by crossing Typica with Bourbon – two high-quality varieties that produce many of today’s coffee plants.

However, some farmers and roasters submitted Sidra samples to research institutions for genetic testing. They discovered that the samples were genetically similar to Ethiopian heirloom varieties – an overarching term used for many wild or genetically indeterminate breeds native to East Africa. Studies have produced mixed results.

In this regard, World Coffee Research said it is possible that Sidra did not have a clear genetic identity. Instead, Sidra could be several varieties that farmers call under the same name. This is not uncommon in the coffee industry.

While it is difficult to define the full flavor of Ethiopian heirloom varieties, they are generally more floral and fruity in character.


Sidra coffee production site


Sidra is mainly produced in South America – mainly in Ecuador and Colombia. This variety grows at an altitude of 1,650 to 1,800m above sea level.

One of the first coffee farms to grow Sidra commercially was La Palma y El Tucán in Cundinamarca, Colombia. Producers planted about 1,800 Sidra trees in 2012, followed by an additional 4,300 in 2015 after the variety became more popular in the specialty coffee sector.

what is sidra coffee


Sidra Coffee is gradually asserting its position in the specialty coffee industry


Although it did not have a good starting point, it was noticed by many people, but over time, this coffee variety has gained specific resonances in international competitions.

Sidra is used by baristas in professional coffee competitions like WCC. Specifically, 2019 World Barista Champion Jooyeon Jeon and 2022 World Barista Championship winner Anthony Douglas used Sidra in their competition.

Its use by experts proves the “not-so-medium” quality of this variety.

Cole Torode, Head of Coffee and Operations at Forward Specialty Green Coffee Importers in Alberta, Canada, rated Sidra as the most exciting coffee available today. Specifically:

“It has a dynamic flavor and an enjoyable sensation in the mouth. You can expect ripe fruity notes like nectarines, apricots, and peaches.

It also has some citrus notes, and I notice a lot of orange or orange blossom flavors. “It can also smell like white grapes and like wine.”

cà phê sidra

Arturo Arevalo, the founder of Selvadentro, says, “no matter what cooking method you use for Sidra, the taste is still sweet, with notes of honey, malt, and a red apple. Mild acidity but similar in taste. citrus. The mouthfeel is round and smooth.”

Therefore, we can see Sidra as a playful and complex coffee. It has the ability to transform very magically and diversely.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has introduced to readers a coffee variety using its strength to rise up in the world coffee market – Sidra.

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