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What drives the specialty coffee market to expand?


The specialty coffee industry is gradually becoming more popular globally with the strong increase in multinational supply chains. Demand for high-quality coffee has increased, spreading strongly throughout established markets such as North America, and Western Europe and smaller markets such as Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. What is the driving force behind the expanding specialty coffee market? Find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The specialty coffee market expands due to the development of businesses


For nearly a decade, large-scale coffee businesses like Starbucks have increasingly expanded into different markets. When chain stores enter new markets, it also means spreading coffee types, methods and coffee culture to these areas. Consumers have the opportunity to access different coffee flavors, increasing recognition of specialty coffee lines.

In addition, many new markets are likely to have many opportunities to exploit consumer interest in specialty coffee. This can promote the development of small-scale roasters or shops, creating a new wave of business for the local community.

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Changing consumer behavior drives the coffee market to develop


Forbes estimates that Generation Z is on the rise to have a disposable income of about $360 billion by the end of 2021. These rising income levels are leading to greater interest in high-quality products. Consumer behavior also places more emphasis on health and sustainability of products. According to statistics, the majority of consumers of this generation prefer higher quality food and beverage items such as specialty coffee. The trend of choosing healthy, environmentally friendly foods is also increasing. This stimulates manufacturers and roasters to promote activities and promote sustainable values in the production and supply of specialty coffee.

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Events create momentum for the specialty coffee market to develop


Every year, we can witness the emergence of more and more coffee-related competitions, events, and auctions globally. For example, the number of coffee festivals in Eastern European countries includes Prague Coffee Festival, Warsaw Coffee Festival, Bucharest Coffee Festival, Vilnius Coffee Festival, etc. Each event highlights its own unique qualities. own uniqueness. But in general, they aim to promote the uniqueness of coffee in each region, honoring the efforts of specialty coffee growers. It connects the local coffee community with international roasters, baristas and coffee enthusiasts. The awards and reception of these events could encourage farmers to pay more attention to the specialty coffee industry, and make specialty coffee more popular.

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Furthermore, the events also include seminars sharing the professional knowledge of many coffee experts. This is a great opportunity to help small-scale producers and consumers better access and understand high-quality coffee, promoting the development of the industry.

Specialty coffee is a common drink and a proud achievement of many factors. It contains values beyond the novelty and passion of moments of enjoyment. This includes ensuring the integrity of the health benefits of users, the stable future of workers, and the prosperous and balanced development of the economy – society – and environment. Therefore, the development of the specialty coffee market is inevitable as society becomes more open, civilized, and progressive with increasing living standards and demands.

thị trường cà phê đặc sản

As a highly responsible business, XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster always aims for the sustainable development of specialty coffee. We strive to understand, exploit and share with the community the values of the coffee and specialty coffee industry honestly. XLIII Coffee chooses to support and support sustainable scientific production partners around the world. We cooperate long-term through direct trade, ensuring transparency and high quality for every specialty coffee bean sent to you. If you like it, stop by XLIII Coffee to experience it.

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