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WCR announces global coffee conservation strategy


After a series of field surveys, World Coffee Research (WCR) and the Global Crop Diversity Trust (Crop Trust) have developed and published a global coffee conservation strategy. The strategy identifies the challenging situation of coffee diversity in the world and proposes solutions and actions to protect and develop genetic resources globally. Explore further with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


WCR highlights the challenge of species diversity


The Global Conservation Strategy follows on from the 2017 Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Resources and the 2021 Global Workshop of the Crop Trust and WCR. The announcement states that many important repositories of genetic material that provide the world’s coffee genetics are currently in a state of serious decline. Much of the data in national gene banks is isolated, and unlinked, making it almost inaccessible to industry actors seeking to expand and develop seed sources. Meanwhile, climate change is becoming increasingly serious, leading to the loss of suitable development environments for existing species. Some species are unable to survive and are in danger of extinction. This degradation of coffee’s genetic system threatens the long-term development of the industry.

chiến lược bảo tồn cà phê toàn cầu

Much of the data in national gene banks is disconnected and largely inaccessible to industry actors


WCR Global Coffee Conservation Strategy


In December 2023, WCR issued a statement promoting the implementation of a strategy to conserve the world’s coffee genetic resources. The detailed report, based on the 2021 International Conference on Coffee Genetic Resources Conservation Strategy, has just been published. The workshop was attended by 54 experts from 16 countries to determine the best methods to preserve and utilize coffee genetic resources. The sessions cover the following issues:

– Global system of coffee;

– Management of genetic resources in situ and ex situ;

– Quality management in long-term ex-situ conservation;

– Solutions to use genetic data effectively.

chiến lược bảo tồn cà phê toàn cầu

WCR stated promoting the implementation of the strategy to preserve the world’s coffee genetic resources by the end of 2023


Series of actions in the Global Coffee Conservation Strategy


Through discussion sessions, the WRC report identifies actions for leaders to maintain the diversity of coffee genetic resources. This series of actions involves financial issues, policy, partnership building, quality management systems, capacity building, communication, and advocacy. Moreover, issues of shortcomings in collection and conservation in situ and ex-situ as well as safety in supplementation and cloning of varieties are highlighted. In particular, to facilitate the transition to a global conservation system for coffee, WCR clearly stated 6 specific actions including:

– Ensure stable funding for the long-term preservation of provenance plus CATIE collections through the Crop Trust Endowment Fund;

– Upgrade facilities and capacity of gene banks and users;

– Use ABS to facilitate the exchange and use of genetic resources;

– Establish a global platform to cooperate in the conservation and use of coffee genetic resources;

– Ensures safe duplication of all plugins is preserved;

– Focus on ex-situ and in-situ conservation of coffee genetic resources.

chiến lược bảo tồn cà phê toàn cầu

WRC identifies actions for leaders to maintain the diversity of coffee genetic resources after the conference

With the goals and activities set out in the Global Coffee Conservation Strategy, WCR continues to work with many stakeholders to ensure the future of coffee as one of the most prominent and important crops in the world.

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Source: World Coffee Research

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