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Visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster – A holiday destination on April 30 with family and friends


The great holiday of April 30 is an appropriate time for everyone to have a “relaxation” day after a long time of studying and working. To fully enjoy these holidays, we invite you, your family and your loved one to visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. The unique and different space with the aroma of specialty coffee and cakes will give you great moments. Check with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster before a round of this ideal destination!


Coffee in the heart of Koi pond at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang


Address: 422 Ngo Thi Sy, Ngu Hanh Son District, City. Danang

Opening time: 06:30 – 22:30

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43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang is currently one of the hot tourist destinations for the 30-month-April holiday that you must definitely visit. Because the space is covered with transparent glass filled with light and green trees will melt away worries and sorrows. Surrounding the workshop is a colorful Koi pond. Seats are designed in the heart of the lake so that visitors and their families can admire the Koi fish swimming, sip some specialty coffee and then look out into the distance to watch the flow of people passing by. As soon as you step into the workshop, you can feel the relaxation and remove the fatigue of the long distance. Because the design of the skylight right in the middle of the bar helps the workshop to easily catch the fresh air. Open space with seats spaced harmoniously so that even if you go alone or in a large group, you will still feel comfortable.

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In the center, the workshop displays dispensers and a bar to enjoy coffee. 43 Factory also has its own glass room to store coffee packages, in addition to a genuine roasting machine. If you are lucky, you can catch the moment when the batch of coffee is being roasted here. The walls are reminiscent of classic Europe by the red brick design, revealing the contours. Opposite the order counter is a new world coffee map. Although the space is simple, you still get super quality check-in photos.

Besides, the Workshop is extremely close to the famous My Khe beach. Visitors only take a few minutes to walk from the shop to enjoy the sea breeze and relax in the coolest and most beautiful blue sea water in Vietnam.

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Experience the unique coffee exhibition at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Saigon


Address: 78A Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Opening time: 06:30 – 22:30

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April 30 holiday in Saigon should go? If you have come to Saigon or are a local but do not want to go far, you can visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to immerse yourself in the world of coffee exhibitions and enjoy great flavors. The workshop has three floors designed in the style of minimalism. The space is minimalist but still makes an indelible impression on the experiencer by the interference of the black and white lines of the walls and tables and chairs. You will probably burst out into excitement as soon as you walk in because of the terrarium ecosystem right in the middle of the room. The center of the black and white picture is a cool green garden like an art exhibition. The space is optimized by the recessed seating area inside the black wall. Not only sitting and playing, people can also see the white coffee boxes against the wall background. This refreshing coffee stop will help you have very new feelings. The 2nd and 3rd floors are still the minimalist design but bring a different feeling, bringing a more modern, “work” breath. You will admire the “super cool” dispensing machines in black tone sur tone with tables and chairs. Everyone can just run the deadline while sipping a cup of coffee and watching the workers work hard. If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask the staff! Everyone is very friendly, will guide you enthusiastically. No need to go far, because the order counter is designed in the middle of the room, very convenient for people to interact more with each other.

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Special things only at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster


Not only has a great space, coming to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster you will experience a different and delicious specialty coffee taste. A standard cup of coffee according to the farm to cup model (from farm to consumer). Each coffee bean in it has had to go through a long journey, strictly controlling the quality and flavor from the process of selecting varieties, sowing seeds, germinating, nurturing to harvesting, roasting and then turning into a cup of coffee. incense on the user’s hand. On the tags served with coffee, you will be able to find out the source of the cup of coffee you hold in your hand. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster always respects transparency criteria to each household.

Seeds at the Workshop are meticulously sourced from famous farmers around the world; choose a water that balances minerals and other substances to create the best standard recipe; roasting extremely light so that the cup of coffee can fully retain the typical notes of each distant land. You will hear about the origin, detailed profile of the beans in your own cup of coffee. Therefore, Coffee is characterized by light brown color, light sour taste, after sweet taste and has layers of flavor that change flexibly according to temperature and time.

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In addition, the workshop also serves delicious and healthy pastries and savory dishes. Because 43 Factory Coffee always wants to give the best to customers. The ingredients used are guaranteed to be fresh and imported daily at reputable establishments. Cakes at the factory are also made from whole grain flours, nutritious cereals rich in good fats. Especially sourdough is naturally fermented, not industrial yeast. Although it takes more time to incubate (more than 12 hours), it brings great results, the cake has a mild sour taste, the cake layer is soft and better for the digestive system. The menu is also diverse for you to freely choose. The best sellers of the factory can be Salad, Smoothie, Pastry, Light Bread or Panini, Toast rich in protein with enough energy to make your day happier.

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With a unique space inside and out; rich menu with specialty coffee, cakes, food The workshop completely meets all the needs of enjoying, checking in, meeting, having fun. The factory’s address is right in District 1 Saigon and Tay An Upper Quarter, near other interesting places, so it’s convenient for your visit. So, don’t miss 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in your April 30 travel itinerary.

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