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Using these 4 beverages daily to increase longevity safely


The daily diet greatly influences human health. You can increase longevity safely by consuming these 4 beverages daily. Let’s explore them together in the following article with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


4 beverages that help increase longevity when consumed daily


According to Well and Good, regularly drinking the following 4 beverages significantly improves health.


Green tea


The familiar cup of green tea in Vietnamese life contains many health benefits.

Green tea is an anti-aging beverage

Green tea contains antioxidants and beneficial compounds such as flavonoids and catechins like EGCG, quercetin, linoleic acid, theobromine, and theophylline. Drinking this type of tea regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease or Alzheimer’s, prevent strokes, fight cancer, combat metabolic disorders, and extend lifespan. Tea leaves contain strong antioxidants called polyphenols that prevent cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic issues.

Green tea prevents cancer

Green tea has been shown to slow the growth of lung cancer cells and breast tumors. A meta-analysis found that women who regularly drink green tea have a lower risk of breast cancer.

Green tea reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure

In a study of over 40,000 Japanese people who regularly drink tea, the risk of heart disease is significantly lower. Studies have shown a reduction in risk by over 30% in women and over 20% in men.

The mortality rate from stroke is even lower in this Japanese population group with a reduction of over 60% in women and over 40% in men. Catechins are known to prevent the production of free radicals in arteries and tissues, preventing blood clot formation.

In addition, the journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that tea, especially green tea and EGCG, is beneficial for cardiovascular health and metabolic processes.


Black tea


Black tea also has similar benefits to green tea. This type of tea contains caffeine, antioxidants, L-theanine, and flavanols. Therefore, it also protects against the development of some chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Additionally, this beverage is good for the gut and digestive system.




increase longevity

Coffee is also a beverage rich in caffeine and antioxidants. Moreover, coffee beans contain essential nutrients, including vitamin B5 (produces red blood cells), manganese (supports bone development and metabolism), potassium (regulates blood pressure), magnesium (for energy production and sleep), and niacin (converts vitamins into energy).




75% of the body is water, which is essential for maintaining life. Every day, humans need to replenish enough water to support their activities. Depending on age and body condition, each person will need a different amount of water. You can apply this formula to calculate the amount of water you need to supplement each day:

Water intake (oz) = Body weight (lbs) x 0.5

With 1 oz = 30 ml, 1 lbs = 0.5 kg.

=> The formula can be rewritten as follows: Water intake (ml) = Body weight (kg) x 30

For example, if your body weight is 50 kg, then the minimum amount of water you need to intake per day is 1500 ml.


Specialty coffee – Coffee good for health


Specialty coffee made from premium Arabica beans, brewed pure without adding other additives containing caffeine, brings many health benefits to consumers. With purity, no mixing, and displaying the characteristic appearance of the growing region and variety, specialty coffee entices many to explore its layers of flavor.

Above, the News section has introduced to readers beverages that help extend lifespan. These simple drinks, yet significant, can easily be found in daily life. Follow us to not miss out on other useful information!

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