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The truths about coffee you may not know


Coffee has more benefits than you think. Besides being a catalyst for meetings, this beverage also harbors many interesting facts. Let’s explore the truths about coffee that you may not know in this article!


Little-known facts about coffee


For many people, coffee is just a casual beverage. They don’t care about its nutritional value or the compounds in coffee because, for generations, Vietnamese people have been drinking it, so what’s the harm? In reality, this fragrant beverage can impact human health to varying degrees.

The truths about coffee you may not know


Truth about Coffee 1: Does coffee help sober up?


Some might think coffee is the antidote to alcohol since alcohol makes us sleepy while coffee makes us alert. But that’s not true. Caffeine doesn’t affect the liver’s alcohol processing, so coffee can’t cure drunkenness or reduce alcohol levels in breath or blood. Instead, caffeine prolongs alcohol’s reaction time in the body. Therefore, if you’re drunk, it’s best not to drink more coffee!


Truth about Coffee 2: Coffee affects women more than men


Research shows that men react more strongly to caffeine than women. In many cases, caffeine tends to cause tension in men but helps women focus better at work.


Truth about Coffee 3: Can coffee help reduce anxiety?


This is the opposite. Caffeine actually worsens anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association, anyone with an anxiety disorder should avoid caffeine-containing foods because it can exacerbate symptoms, including excessive worry and tension.


Truth about Coffee 4: Does coffee cause dehydration?


After drinking coffee, some people may urinate more frequently, leading to concerns that coffee will dehydrate the body. But in reality, caffeine-containing beverages usually don’t contribute to dehydration. In the short term, caffeine may have a mild diuretic effect on those who don’t typically consume caffeine. However, this doesn’t happen to those who have a coffee-drinking habit.


Truth about Coffee 5: Older adults are more sensitive to caffeine


This is true because older adults need more time for excretion. Being sensitive to caffeine doesn’t mean coffee has a negative impact on them. Coffee has been shown to potentially extend lifespan, but the dosage needs to be controlled, and it’s best not to drink too much or too late near bedtime.

The truths about coffee you may not know


How to Drink Coffee Correctly?


Everyone has their ways of enjoying coffee, and there’s no rigid “curriculum” for coffee consumption. However, to avoid undesirable outcomes, you can consider some recommendations from experts:

– Choose pure coffee

– Don’t add sugar

– Don’t drink too much

– Add other ingredients like milk, cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa

– Don’t rush to drink coffee immediately after waking up; drink water first

– Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

>>> For more details, refer to the article: “How to Drink Coffee for Good Health According to Experts”

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has provided readers with some little-known facts about coffee. Hopefully, this useful information will help you better understand a beverage that has deeply ingrained itself in Vietnamese culture.

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