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Some things you may not know about Gesha coffee


Gesha coffee is precious, bringing with it a delicate taste and the ability to magically transform. However, in Vietnam, Gesha coffee is not known by many people. Are these nut lovers missing out on something new in their quest for true love?


What did you miss about Gesha coffee?


Gesha makes many people think of Japanese culture, but the truth is not.

gesha và những điều có thể bạn chưa biết


Gesha or Geisha?


Gesha coffee, also known as Geisha, originates from the small village of Gesha in southwestern Ethiopia. The difference in the name is because there is no translation from the Ethiopian dialect into English. Initially, researchers called it Geisha; later, people used Gesha more.


Coffee varieties Gesha


In 2002, JARC approved and declared Gesha as CLR-resistant. This type of coffee became famous in the 2004 Best of Panama auction.

In Ethiopia, there are two lines of Gesha coffee: The one from India, introduced in 1968, and the Gesha line from Portugal, reintroduced in 1984. After much research and verification, experts discovered that The Portuguese Gesha variety is more resistant to CLR.

Several tests have shown genetic similarities between the Gesha introduced from Portugal and the Gesha of Panama. There are many variations of Gesha found in the world. Although they are the same variety, they have a relatively significant difference in size, seed shape to new leaf color.

Indigenous Gesha counties are being scaled up to further expand to the rest of the hemisphere. This effort of Gesha paid off when its attraction crossed the ocean to the S-shaped strip of land.

gesha và những điều có thể bạn chưa biết


Exquisite Gesha coffee flavor imbued with heavenly sweetness


Each type of specialty coffee (Specialty Coffee) has its own original flavor – a distinctive, unmistakable flavor. Gesha, too, is small but carries the pride of an entire growing area.

Gesha coffee has a distinctive flavor, bearing the characteristics of flowers and fruits, which can vary depending on the origin. This coffee can hint at orange, tangerine, mango, papaya, guava, lychee, and many other exotic fruit and herb flavors.

As Boot Coffee’s Willem Boot described the taste of Gesha: “It’s like a precious perfume, with notes of rose, jasmine, and bergamot. A cup of coffee has a wonderful array of subtle flavors with an unusually long aftertaste. You can taste lemon, honeysuckle, papaya – it’s always a delicious fruit.”

With a substantial boom in specialty coffee, Gesha has experimented in a unique way in each region. From its intrinsic nature, the taste of Gesha coffee has many differences in each type of green bean. Explore the diverse colors and flavor characteristics of Gesha in popular growing regions.

some things you may not know about gesha

Find out the beautiful notes of Gesha varieties in the article: Taste of Gesha Coffee

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has sent readers information about Gesha coffee. Come to the Workshop to enjoy this excellent coffee bean flavor! Just a cup of coffee that can feel the gentle breeze from a few thousand meters above sea level is magical, isn’t it?

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